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Mechanics of cell motility

Many types of cell have the ability to migrate orchestrating in a complex way the poli/depolimerization of the actin network and actively generating a pattern of forces in the surrounding environment. Mathematics can be of support to understand such a complex phenomenon in two ways. Force traction microscopy is the determination of the stress […]

Bacterial Patterns

The study of cooperative migration and the onset of patterns in developing living organisms is an extremely multidisciplinary field of research, that combines biological information with the mathematical theories of nonlinear dynamics and the physics and mechanics of non-equilibrium processes. Cooperative migration and self-organization in living aggregates is known to […]

Mesh Generation

Once an anatomical model is constructed in the form of an implicit surface a mesh must be generated to perform the numerical simulations. For this reason we also develop a tool to generate suitable grids for CFD simulations. This step is critical since the mesh can change the  accuracy of the numerical […]

Image Segmentation and Processing

Medical images are often affected by noise or artifacts. A MOX research topic concerns the reduction of metal artifacts (MAR) in X-ray computerized tomography (CT), and the development of techniques and procedures for the pre-processing of medical images. A second focus is the generation of automatic methods for the segmentation of different vessel district […]