Who We Are

MOX has been established in 2002, with the scope of promoting research in the field of mathematical modelling and scientific computing in Science and Engineering, cooperating with external partners on funded research projects, and strengthening cooperation with other research groups at Politecnico di Milano.
Since then it has evolved in a complex and dynamic structure, with a lively exchange of high quality staff between other universities and industries, and with an excellent scientific production testified by numerous scientific publications.
MOX has a large activity in dissemination and technology transfer, and takes an active part in the education system of the Politecnico di Milano, being particularly involved in the Mathematical Engineering course of study at Degree, Master and PhD level.


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05 Dec 2022

Petros Koumoutsakos

AI/Computing: Alloys for flow modeling and control

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April 2022 - March 2025


Mathematics for Industry 4.0- PRIN 2020 MATH4I4