Atherosclerosis in Carotids

The carotid bifurcation is one of the preferential site of plaque formation, leading to vessel stenosis, and, possibly, to a complete obstruction of the vessel, formation of blood clots and breakage with embolization of fragments into the brain tissue. For these reasons, carotid endarterectomy (CEA), consisting in the surgical removal of the plaque, is intensively used in the clinical practice.

The research focused on the sensitivity of the solution on different boundary conditions applied in the context of the geometrical multiscale approach.

Another topic is the study of the effect of CEA on the fluid-dynamics at the bifurcation. To this aim a computational study in real geometries acquired both before and after CEA has been performed.

Clinical partner : Divisions of Vascular-surgery and Radiology, Fondazione Ca’ Granda – Policlinico di Milano, Italy



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