Publications @Life Sciences

05/2023 - Fumagalli, I.; Vergara, C.
Novel approaches for the numerical solution of fluid-structure interaction in the aorta

75/2022 - Rea, F.; Savaré, L; Franchi, M.; Corrao, G; Mancia, G
Adherence to Treatment by Initial Antihypertensive Mono and Combination Therapies

64/2022 - Massi, M.C., Dominoni, L., Ieva, F., Fiorito, G.
A Deep Survival EWAS approach estimating risk profile based on pre-diagnostic DNA methylation: an application to Breast Cancer time to diagnosis

58/2022 - Zingaro, A.; Bucelli, M.; Fumagalli, I.; Dede', L; Quarteroni, A.
Modeling isovolumetric phases in cardiac flows by an Augmented Resistive Immersed Implicit Surface Method

54/2022 - Bucelli, M.; Zingaro, A.; Africa, P. C.; Fumagalli, I.; Dede', L.; Quarteroni, A.
A mathematical model that integrates cardiac electrophysiology, mechanics and fluid dynamics: application to the human left heart

29/2022 - Fumagalli, I.; Polidori, R.; Renzi, F.; Fusini, L.; Quarteroni, A.; Pontone, G.; Vergara, C.
Fluid-structure interaction analysis of transcatheter aortic valve implantation

27/2022 - Lazzari J., Asnaghi R., Clementi L., Santambrogio M. D.
Math Skills: a New Look from Functional Data Analysis

11/2022 - Sampaoli, S.; Agosti, A.; Pozzi, G.; Ciarletta,P.
A toy model of misfolded protein aggregation and neural damage propagation in neudegenerative diseases

06/2022 - Pozzi, G.; Grammatica, B.; Chaabane, L.; Catucci, M.; Mondino, A.; Zunino, P.; Ciarletta, P.
T cell therapy against cancer: a predictive diffuse-interface mathematical model informed by pre-clinical studies

04/2022 - Africa, P.C.; Piersanti, R.; Fedele, M.; Dede', L.; Quarteroni, A.
lifex - heart module: a high-performance simulator for the cardiac function

95/2021 - Di Gregorio, S.; Vergara, C.; Montino Pelagi, G.; Baggiano, A.; Zunino, P.; Guglielmo, M.; Fusini, L.; Muscogiuri, G.; Rossi, A.; Rabbat, M.G.; Quarteroni, A.; Pontone, G.
Prediction of myocardial blood flow under stress conditions by means of a computational model

87/2021 - Both, J.W.; Barnafi, N.A.; Radu, F.A.; Zunino, P.; Quarteroni, A.
Iterative splitting schemes for a soft material poromechanics model

88/2021 - Kuchta, M.; Laurino, F.; Mardal, K.A.; Zunino, P.
Analysis and approximation of mixed-dimensional PDEs on 3D-1D domains coupled with Lagrange multipliers

89/2021 - Boulakia, M.; Grandmont, C.; Lespagnol, F.; Zunino, P.
Reduced models for the Poisson problem in perforated domains

82/2021 - Massi, M.C.; Ieva, F.
Learning Signal Representations for EEG Cross-Subject Channel Selection and Trial Classification

73/2021 - Marcinno, F.; Zingaro, A.; Fumagalli, I.; Dede', L.; Vergara, C.
A computational study of blood flow dynamics in the pulmonary arteries

75/2021 - Cicci, L.; Fresca, S.; Pagani, S.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.
Projection-based reduced order models for parameterized nonlinear time-dependent problems arising in cardiac mechanics

68/2021 - Regazzoni, F.; Salvador, M.; Dede', L.; Quarteroni, A.
A machine learning method for real-time numerical simulations of cardiac electromechanics

59/2021 - Stella, S.; Regazzoni, F.; Vergara, C.; Dede', L.; Quarteroni, A.
A fast cardiac electromechanics model coupling the Eikonal and the nonlinear mechanics equations

56/2021 - Zingaro, A.; Fumagalli, I.; Dede' L.; Fedele M.; Africa P.C.; Corno A.F.; Quarteroni A.
A multiscale CFD model of blood flow in the human left heart coupled with a lumped parameter model of the cardiovascular system

57/2021 - Roberto Piersanti, Francesco Regazzoni, Matteo Salvador, Antonio F. Corno, Luca Dede', Christian Vergara, Alfio Quarteroni
3D-0D closed-loop model for the simulation of cardiac biventricular electromechanics

49/2021 - Rea, F.; Savaré, L; Franchi, M.; Corrao, G; Mancia, G
Adherence to Treatment by Initial Antihypertensive Mono and Combination Therapies

48/2021 - Riccobelli, D.
Active elasticity drives the formation of periodic beading in damaged axons

39/2021 - Barnafi, N.; Di Gregorio, S.; Dede', L.; Zunino, P.; Vergara, C.; Quarteroni, A.
A multiscale poromechanics model integratingmyocardial perfusion and systemic circulation

40/2021 - Martinolli, M.; Cornat, F.; Vergara, C.
Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Study of a new Wave Membrane Blood Pump

36/2021 - Parolini, N.; Dede', L; Antonietti, P. F.; Ardenghi, G.; Manzoni, A.; Miglio, E.; Pugliese, A.; Verani, M.; Quarteroni, A.
SUIHTER: A new mathematical model for COVID-19. Application to the analysis of the second epidemic outbreak in Italy

35/2021 - Regazzoni, F.; Quarteroni, A.
Accelerating the convergence to a limit cycle in 3D cardiac electromechanical simulations through a data-driven 0D emulator

26/2021 - Vigano, L.; Sollini, M.; Ieva, F.; Fiz, F.; Torzilli, G.
Chemotherapy-Associated Liver Injuries: Unmet Needs and New Insights for Surgical Oncologists

24/2021 - Regazzoni, F.; Chapelle, D.; Moireau, P.
Combining Data Assimilation and Machine Learning to build data-driven models for unknown long time dynamics - Applications in cardiovascular modeling

22/2021 - Domanin, M.; Bennati, L.; Vergara, C.; Bissacco, D.; Malloggi, C.; Silani, V.; Parati, G.; Trimarchi, S.; Casana, R.
Fluid structure interaction analysis to stratify the behavior of different atheromatous carotid plaques

04/2021 - Orlando, V.; Rea, F.; Savaré, L.; Guarino, I; Mucherino, S.; Perrella, A.; Trama, U.; Coscioni, E.; Menditto, E.; Corrao, G.
Development and validation of a clinical risk score to predict the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection from administrative data: A population-based cohort study from Italy

84/2020 - Vergara, C.; Stella, S.; Maines, M.; Catanzariti, D.; Demattè, C.; Centonze, M.; Nobile, F.; Quarteroni, A.; Del Greco, M.
Computational electrophysiology to support the mapping of coronary sinus branches for cardiac resynchronization therapy

80/2020 - Zingaro, A.; Dede', L.; Menghini, F.; Quarteroni, A.
Hemodynamics of the heart's left atrium based on a Variational Multiscale-LES numerical model

73/2020 - Bennati, L.; Vergara, C.; Domanin, M.; Trimarchi, S.; Malloggi, C.; Silani, V.; Parati, G.; Casana, R.
A computational fluid structure interaction study for carotids with different atherosclerotic plaques

63/2020 - Tuveri, M.; Milani, E.; Marchegiani, G.; Landoni, L.; Torresani, E.; Capelli, P.; Sperandio, N.; D’Onofrio, M.; Salvia, R.; Vergara, C.; Bassi, C.

61/2020 - Pozzi, S.; Redaelli, A.; Vergara, C.; Votta, E.; Zunino, P.
Mathematical and numerical modeling of atherosclerotic plaque progression based on fluid-structure interaction

59/2020 - Massi, M.C.; Franco, N.R; Ieva, F.; Manzoni, A.; Paganoni, A.M.; Zunino, P.
High-Order Interaction Learning via Targeted Pattern Search

57/2020 - Regazzoni, F.; Quarteroni, A.
An oscillation-free fully partitioned scheme for the numerical modeling of cardiac active mechanics

39/2020 - Martinolli, M.; Biasetti, J.; Zonca, S.; Polverelli, L.; Vergara, C.
Extended Finite Element Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction in Wave Membrane Blood Pumps

38/2020 - Sollini, M.; Kirienko, M.; Cavinato, L.; Ricci, F.; Biroli, M.; Ieva, F.; Calderoni, L.; Tabacchi, E.; Nanni, C.; Zinzani, P.L.; Fanti, S.; Guidetti, A; Alessi, A.; Corradini, P.; Seregni, E.; Carlo-Stella, C.; Chiti, A.
Methodological framework for radiomics applications in Hodgkin’s lymphoma

35/2020 - Morbiducci, U.; Mazzi, V.; Domanin, M.; De Nisco, G.; Vergara, C.; Steinman, D.A.; Gallo, D.
Wall shear stress topological skeleton independently predicts long-term restenosis after carotid bifurcation endarterectomy

30/2020 - Massi, M.C., Gasperoni, F., Ieva, F., Paganoni, A.M., Zunino, P., Manzoni, A., Franco, N.R., et al.
A deep learning approach validates genetic risk factors for late toxicity after prostate cancer radiotherapy in a REQUITE multinational cohort

28/2020 - Regazzoni, F.; Dedè, L.; Quarteroni, A.
Biophysically detailed mathematical models of multiscale cardiac active mechanics

27/2020 - Spreafico, M.; Ieva, F.; Fiocco, M.
Modelling dynamic covariates effect on survival via Functional Data Analysis: application to the MRC BO06 trial in osteosarcoma

26/2020 - Zonca, S.; Antonietti, P.F.; Vergara, C.
A Polygonal Discontinuous Galerkin formulation for contact mechanics in fluid-structure interaction problems

23/2020 - Spreafico, M.; Ieva, F.
Functional modelling of recurrent events on time-to-event processes

19/2020 - Stella, S.; Vergara, C.; Maines, M.; Catanzariti, D.; Africa, P.; Demattè, C.; Centonze, M.; Nobile, F.; Del Greco, M.; Quarteroni, A.
Integration of maps of activation times in computational cardiac electrophysiology

15/2020 - Fumagalli, I.; Fedele, M.; Vergara, C.; Dede', L.; Ippolito, S.; Nicolò, F.; Antona, C.; Scrofani, R.; Quarteroni, A.
An Image-based Computational Hemodynamics Study of the Systolic Anterior Motion of the Mitral Valve

13/2020 - Pozzi S.; Domanin M.; Forzenigo L.; Votta E.; Zunino P.; Redaelli A.; Vergara C.
A data-driven surrogate model for fluid-structure interaction in carotid arteries with plaque

09/2020 - Rea, F.; Ieva, F.,; Pastorino, U.; Apolone, G.; Barni, S.; Merlino, L.; Franchi, M.; Corrao, G.
Number of lung resections performed and long-term mortality rates of patients after lung cancer surgery: evidence from an Italian investigation

12/2020 - Azzolin, L.; Dede', L.; Gerbi, A.; Quarteroni, A.
Effect of fibre orientation and bulk value on the electromechanical modelling of the human ventricles

06/2020 - Domanin, M.; Piazzoli, G.; Trimarchi, S.; Vergara, C.
Image-based displacements analysis and computational blood dynamics after endovascular aneurysm repair

01/2020 - Pozzi, S.; Vergara, C.
Mathematical and numerical models of atherosclerotic plaque progression in carotid arteries

55/2019 - Agosti, A.; Ciarletta, P.; Garcke, H.; Hinze, M.
Learning patient-specific parameters for a diffuse interface glioblastoma model from neuroimaging data

47/2019 - Spreafico, M.; Ieva, F.
Dynamic monitoring of the effects of adherence to medication on survival in Heart Failure patients: a joint modelling approach exploiting time-varying covariates

48/2019 - Di Gregorio, S.; Fedele, M.; Pontone, G.; Corno, A.F.; Zunino, P.; Vergara, C.; Quarteroni, A.
A multiscale computational model of myocardial perfusion in the human heart

33/2019 - Regazzoni, F.; Dede', L.; Quarteroni, A.
Machine learning of multiscale active force generation models for the efficient simulation of cardiac electromechanics

32/2019 - Fedele, M.; Quarteroni, A.
Polygonal surface processing and mesh generation tools for numerical simulations of the complete cardiac function.

08/2019 - Prouse, G.; Stella, S.; Vergara, C.; Engelberger, S.; Trunfio, R.; Canevascini, R.; Quarteroni, A.; Giovannacci, L.
Computational analysis of turbulent haemodynamics in radiocephalic arteriovenous fistulas with different anastomotic angles

05/2019 - Gasperoni, F.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.; Jackson, C.; Sharples, L.
Evaluating the effect of healthcare providers on the clinical path of Heart Failure patients through a novel semi-Markov multi-state model

66/2018 - Riccobelli, D.; Agosti, A.; Ciarletta, P.
On the existence of elastic minimizers for initially stressed materials

65/2018 - Boschi, T.; Chiaromonte, F.; Secchi, P.; Li, B.
Covariance based low-dimensional registration for function-on-function regression

61/2018 - Zakerzadeh, R.; Zunino P.
A Computational Framework for Fluid-Porous Structure Interaction with Large Structural Deformation

15/2017 - Tagliabue, A; Dede', L.; Quarteroni A.
Complex blood flow patterns in an idealized left ventricle: a numerical study

12/2017 - Gasperoni, F.; Ieva, F.; Barbati, G.; Scagnetto, A.; Iorio, A.; Sinagra, G.; Di Lenarda, A.
Multi state modelling of heart failure care path: a population-based investigation from Italy

08/2017 - Ambrosi, D.; Beloussov, L.V.; Ciarletta, P.
Mechanobiology and morphogenesis in living matter: a survey

06/2017 - Ekin, T.; Ieva, F.; Ruggeri, F.; Soyer, R.
On the Use of the Concentration Function in Medical Fraud Assessment

01/2017 - Riccobelli, D.; Ciarletta, P.
Rayleigh-Taylor instability in soft elastic layers

54/2016 - Vergara, C.; Le Van, D.; Quadrio, M.; Formaggia, L.; Domanin, M.
Large Eddy Simulations of blood dynamics in abdominal aortic aneurysms

50/2016 - Ambrosi, D.; Pezzuto, S.; Riccobelli, D.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Ciarletta, P.
Solid tumors are poroelastic solids with a chemo--mechanical feedback on growth

46/2016 - Lila, E.; Aston, J.A.D.; Sangalli, L.M.
Smooth Principal Component Analysis over two-dimensional manifolds with an application to Neuroimaging

42/2016 - Iannetti, L.; D'Urso, G.; Conoscenti, G.; Cutri, E.; Tuan, R.S.; Raimondi, M.T.; Gottardi, R.; Zunino, P.
Distributed and lumped parameter models for the characterization of high throughput bioreactors

43/2016 - Ambrosi, D.; Ciarletta, P.; De Falco, C.; Taffetani, M.; Zunino, P.
A multiscale modeling approach to transport of nano-constructs in biological tissues

44/2016 - Notaro, D.; Cattaneo, L.; Formaggia, L.; Scotti, A.; Zunino, P.
A Mixed Finite Element Method for Modeling the Fluid Exchange between Microcirculation and Tissue Interstitium

38/2016 - Quarteroni, A.; Manzoni, A.; Vergara, C.
The Cardiovascular System: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Algorithms, Clinical Applications

35/2016 - Zonca, S.; Formaggia, L.; Vergara, C.
An unfitted formulation for the interaction of an incompressible fluid with a thick structure via an XFEM/DG approach

32/2016 - Tarabelloni, N.; Schenone, E.; Collin, A.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.; Gerbeau, J.-F.
Statistical Assessment and Calibration of Numerical ECG Models

24/2016 - Pagani, S.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.
A Reduced Basis Ensemble Kalman Filter for State/parameter Identification in Large-scale Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

23/2016 - Fedele, M.; Faggiano, E.; Dedè, L.; Quarteroni, A.
A Patient-Specific Aortic Valve Model based on Moving Resistive Immersed Implicit Surfaces

21/2016 - Ambrosi, D.; Zanzottera, A.
Mechanics and polarity in cell motility

19/2016 - Guerciotti, B.; Vergara, C.
Computational comparison between Newtonian and non-Newtonian blood rheologies in stenotic vessels

15/2016 - Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.
A taxonomy of outlier detection methods for robust classification in multivariate functional data

16/2016 - Agosti, A.; Antonietti, P.F.; Ciarletta, P.; Grasselli, M.; Verani, M.
A Cahn-Hilliard type equation with degenerate mobility and single-well potential. Part I: convergence analysis of a continuous Galerkin finite element discretization.

14/2016 - Bonomi, D.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.
A matrix discrete empirical interpolation method for the efficient model reduction of parametrized nonlinear PDEs: application to nonlinear elasticity problems

13/2016 - Guerciotti, B; Vergara, C; Ippolito, S; Quarteroni, A; Antona, C; Scrofani, R.
Computational study of the risk of restenosis in coronary bypasses

05/2016 - Alfio Quarteroni, A.; Lassila, T.; Rossi, S.; Ruiz-Baier, R.
Integrated Heart - Coupling multiscale and multiphysics models for the simulation of the cardiac function

04/2016 - Pettinati, V.; Ambrosi, D; Ciarletta P.; Pezzuto S.
Finite element simulations of the active stress in the imaginal disc of the Drosophila Melanogaster

03/2016 - Tarabelloni, N.; Ieva, F.
On Data Robustification in Functional Data Analysis

01/2016 - Domanin, M.; Buora, A.; Scardulla, F.; Guerciotti, B.; Forzenigo, L.; Biondetti, P.; Vergara, C.
Computational fluid-dynamic analysis of carotid bifurcations after endarterectomy: closure with patch graft versus direct suture

63/2015 - Lancellotti, R.M.; Vergara, C.; Valdettaro, L.; Bose, S.; Quarteroni, A.
Large Eddy Simulations for blood fluid-dynamics in real stenotic carotids

61/2015 - Tagliabue, A.; Dedè, L.; Quarteroni, A.
Fluid dynamics of an idealized left ventricle: the extended Nitsche’s method for the treatment of heart valves as mixed time varying boundary conditions

51/2015 - Ballarin, F.; Faggiano, E.; Ippolito, S.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.; Rozza, G.; Scrofani, R.
Fast simulations of patient-specific haemodynamics of coronary artery bypass grafts based on a POD–Galerkin method and a vascular shape parametrization

47/2015 - Colombo, M. C.; Giverso, C.; Faggiano, E.; Boffano,C.; Acerbi, F.; Ciarletta, P.
Towards the personalized treatment of glioblastoma: integrating patient-specific clinical data in a continuous mechanical model

48/2015 - Ambrosi, D.; Pettinati, V.; Ciarletta, P.
Active stress as a local regulator of global size in morphogenesis

46/2015 - Giverso, C.; Verani, M.; Ciarletta P.
Emerging morphologies in round bacterial colonies: comparing volumetric versus chemotactic expansion

45/2015 - Lange, M.; Palamara, S.; Lassila, T.; Vergara, C.; Quarteroni, A.; Frangi, A.F.
Improved hybrid/GPU algorithm for solving cardiac electrophysiology problems on Purkinje networks

41/2015 - Quarteroni, A.; Veneziani, A.; Vergara, C.
Geometric multiscale modeling of the cardiovascular system, between theory and practice

40/2015 - Patelli, A.S.; Dedè, L.; Lassila, T.; Bartezzaghi, A.; Quarteroni, A.
Isogeometric approximation of cardiac electrophysiology models on surfaces: an accuracy study with application to the human left atrium

39/2015 - Guglielmi, A.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.; Quintana, F.A.
A semiparametric Bayesian joint model for multiple mixed-type outcomes: an Application to Acute Myocardial Infarction

36/2015 - Fedele, M.; Faggiano, E.; Barbarotta, L.; Cremonesi, F.; Formaggia, L.; Perotto, S.
Semi-Automatic Three-Dimensional Vessel Segmentation Using a Connected Component Localization of the Region-Scalable Fitting Energy

28/2015 - Taffetani, M.; Ciarletta, P.
Beading instability in soft cylindrical gels with capillary energy: weakly non-linear analysis and numerical simulations

19/2015 - Palamara, S.; Lange, M.; Vergara, C.; Lassila, T.; Frangi, A.F.; Quarteroni, A.
A coupled 3D-1D numerical monodomain solver for cardiac electrical activation in the myocardium with detailed Purkinje network

17/2015 - Nestola, M.G.C.; Faggiano, E.; Vergara, C.; Lancellotti, R.M.; Ippolito, S,; Filippi, S.; Quarteroni
Computational comparison of aortic root stresses in presence of stentless and stented aortic valve bio-prostheses

15/2015 - Taffetani, M.; de Falco, C.; Penta, R.; Ambrosi, D.; Ciarletta, P.
Biomechanical modelling in nanomedicine: multiscale approaches and future challenges

09/2015 - Ghiglietti, A.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.; Aletti, G.
On linear regression models in infinite dimensional spaces with scalar response

61/2014 - Taffetani, M.; Ciarletta, P.
Elasto-capillarity controls the formation and the morphology of beads-on-string structures in solid fibres

57/2014 - Giverso, C.; Verani, M.; Ciarletta P.;
Branching instability in expanding bacterial colonies

53/2014 - Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M., Pietrabissa, T.
Dynamic clustering of hazard functions: an application to disease progression in chronic heart failure

49/2014 - Bonomi, D.; Vergara, C.; Faggiano, E.; Stevanella, M.; Conti, C.; Redaelli, A.; Puppini, G.; Faggian, G.; Formaggia, L.; Luciani, G.B.
Influence of the aortic valve leaflets on the fluid-dynamics in aorta in presence of a normally functioning bicuspid valve

48/2014 - Penta, R; Ambrosi, D; Shipley, R.
Effective governing equations for poroelastic growing media

47/2014 - Penta, R; Ambrosi, D; Quarteroni, A.
Multiscale homogenization for fluid and drug transport in vascularized malignant tissues

46/2014 - Penta, R; Ambrosi, D.
The role of the microvascular tortuosity in tumor transport phenomena

45/2014 - Pezzuto, S.; Ambrosi,D.; Quarteroni, A.
An orthotropic active-strain model for the myocardium mechanics and its numerical approximation

44/2014 - Pezzuto, S.; Ambrosi,D.
Active contraction of the cardiac ventricle and distortion of the microstructural architecture

24/2014 - Ieva, F., Jackson, C.H., Sharples, L.D.
Multi-State modelling of repeated hospitalisation and death in patients with Heart Failure: the use of large administrative databases in clinical epidemiology

08/2014 - Cattaneo, L; Zunino, P.
A computational model of drug delivery through microcirculation to compare different tumor treatments

06/2014 - Benzi, M.; Deparis, S.; Grandperrin, G.; Quarteroni, A.
Parameter estimates for the relaxed dimensional factorization preconditioner and application to hemodynamics

04/2014 - Palamara, S.; Vergara, C.; Catanzariti, D.; Faggiano, E.; Centonze, M.; Pangrazzi, C.; Maines, M.; Quarteroni, A.
Patient-specific generation of the Purkinje network driven by clinical measurements: The case of pathological propagations

66/2013 - Tricerri, P.; Dede ,L; Quarteroni, A.; Sequeira, A.
Numerical validation of isotropic and transversely isotropic constitutive models for healthy and unhealthy cerebral arterial tissues

65/2013 - Ambrosi, D.; Ciarletta, P.
Plasticity in passive cell mechanics

64/2013 - Ciarletta, P; Ambrosi, D.; Maugin, G.A.
Mass transport in morphogenetic processes: a second gradient theory for volumetric growth and material remodeling

55/2013 - Laadhari, A.; Ruiz-Baier, R.; Quarteroni, A.
Fully Eulerian finite element approximation of a fluid-structure interaction problem in cardiac cells

54/2013 - Biasi, R.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.; Tarabelloni, N.
Use of depth measure for multivariate functional data in disease prediction: an application to electrocardiographic signals

48/2013 - Simone Palamara, Christian Vergara, Elena Faggiano, Fabio Nobile
An effective algorithm for the generation of patient-specific Purkinje networks in computational electrocardiology

45/2013 - Sangalli, L.M.; Secchi, P.; Vantini, S.
Analysis of AneuRisk65 data: K-mean Alignment

44/2013 - Sangalli, L.M.; Secchi, P.; Vantini, S.
AneuRisk65: a dataset of three-dimensional cerebral vascular geometries

43/2013 - Patriarca, M.; Sangalli, L.M.; Secchi, P.; Vantini, S.
Analysis of Spike Train Data: an Application of K-mean Alignment

41/2013 - Bernardi, M.; Sangalli, L.M.; Secchi, P.; Vantini, S.
Analysis of Proteomics data: Block K-mean Alignment

39/2013 - Ieva, F.; Marra, G.; Paganoni, A.M.; Radice, R.
A semiparametric bivariate probit model for joint modeling of outcomes in STEMI patients

31/2013 - Dassi, F.; Ettinger, B.; Perotto, S.; Sangalli, L.M.
A mesh simplification strategy for a spatial regression analysis over the cortical surface of the brain

29/2013 - Lassila, T.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.; Rozza, G.
Model order reduction in fluid dynamics: challenges and perspectives

28/2013 - Ekin, T.; Ieva, F.; Ruggeri, F.; Soyer, R.
Statistical Issues in Medical Fraud Assessment

25/2013 - Cattaneo, Laura; Zunino, Paolo
Computational models for coupling tissue perfusion and microcirculation

23/2013 - Sørensen, H.; Goldsmith, J.; Sangalli, L.M.
An introduction with medical applications to functional data analysis

19/2013 - Azzimonti, L.; Sangalli, L.M.; Secchi, P.; Domanin, M.; Nobile, F.
Blood flow velocity field estimation via spatial regression with PDE penalization

16/2013 - Faggiano, E. ; Lorenzi, T. ; Quarteroni, A.
Metal Artifact Reduction in Computed Tomography Images by Variational Inpainting Methods

09/2013 - Vergara, C.; Palamara, S.; Catanzariti, D.; Pangrazzi, C.; Nobile, F.; Centonze, M.; Faggiano, E.; Maines, M.; Quarteroni, A.; Vergara, G.
Patient-specific computational generation of the Purkinje network driven by clinical measuraments

04/2013 - Morlacchi, S.; Chiastra, C.; Cutrì, E.; Zunino, P.; Burzotta, F.; Formaggia, L.; Dubini, G.; Migliavacca, F.
Stent deformation, physical stress, and drug elution obtained with provisional stenting, conventional culotte and Tryton-based culotte to treat bifurcations: a virtual simulation study

56/2012 - Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.
Risk Prediction for Myocardial Infarction via Generalized Functional Regression Models

55/2012 - Peng Chen, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza
Uncertainty quantification of the human arterial network

37/2012 - Nobile, F.; Pozzoli, M.; Vergara, C.
Exact and inexact partitioned algorithms for fluid-structure interaction problems with finite elasticity in haemodynamics

23/2012 - Fabio Nobile, Christian Vergara
Partitioned algorithms for fluid-structure interaction problems in haemodynamics

21/2012 - Guglielmi, A.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M.; Ruggeri, F.; Soriano, J.
Semiparametric Bayesian models for clustering and classification in presence of unbalanced in-hospital survival

20/2012 - Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A. M.; Zanini, P.
Statistical models for detecting Atrial Fibrillation events

19/2012 - Faggiano, E.; Antiga, L.; Puppini, G.; Quarteroni, A.; Luciani G.B.; Vergara, C.
Helical Flows and Asymmetry of Blood Jet in Dilated Ascending Aorta with Normally Functioning Bicuspid Valve

18/2012 - Formaggia, L.; Vergara, C.
Prescription of general defective boundary conditions in fluid-dynamics

15/2012 - Mengaldo, G.; Tricerri, P.; Crosetto,P.; Deparis, S.; Nobile, F.; Formaggia, L.
A comparative study of different nonlinear hyperelastic isotropic arterial wall models in patient-specific vascular flow simulations in the aortic arch

11/2012 - Bonnemain, J.; Faggiano, E.; Quarteroni A.; Deparis S.
A Patient-Specific Framework for the Analysis of the Haemodynamics in Patients with Ventricular Assist Device

10/2012 - Lassila, T.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.; Rozza, G.
Boundary control and shape optimization for the robust design of bypass anastomoses under uncertainty

05/2012 - Ambrosi, D; Arioli, G; Koch, H.
A homoclinic solution for excitation waves on a contractile substratum

01/2012 - Lassila, T.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.; Rozza, G.
A reduced computational and geometrical framework for inverse problems in haemodynamics

43/2011 - L. Formaggia, A. Quarteroni, C. Vergara
On the physical consistency of the coupling between three-dimensional compliant and one-dimensional problems in haemodynamics

38/2011 - Porpora A., Zunino P., Vergara C., Piccinelli M.
Numerical treatment of boundary conditions to replace lateral branches in haemodynamics

31/2011 - Astorino, M.; Becerra Sagredo, J.; Quarteroni, A.
A modular lattice Boltzmann solver for GPU computing processors

25/2011 - de Luca, M.; Ambrosi, D.; Robertson, A.M.; Veneziani, A.; Quarteroni, A.
Finite element analysis for a multi-mechanism damage model of cerebral arterial tissue

24/2011 - Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.; Rozza, G.
Model reduction techniques for fast blood flow simulation in parametrized geometries

21/2011 - Ambrosi, D.; Pezzuto, S.
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Quantifying Uncertainties in the Estimation of Safety Parameters by Using Bootstrapped Artificial Neural Networks

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The non-circular shape of FloWatch®-PAB prevents the need for pulmonary

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What mathematics can do for the simulation of blood circulation

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Tecniche a Basi Ridotte per l Ottimizzazione di Configurazioni di Innesto per Bypass Coronarici

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Flow rate defective boundary conditions in haemodynamics simulations

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Optimal Control and Shape Optimization of Aorto-Coronaric Bypass

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Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the Cardiovascular System