Publications @CompGeo

52/2023 - Antonietti, P.F.; Botti, M.; Mazzieri, I.
A space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for coupled poroelasticity-elasticity problems

11/2023 - Gatti, F.; de Falco, C.; Perotto, S.; Formaggia, L.
A parallel well-balanced numerical scheme for the simulation of fast landslides with efficient time stepping

02/2023 - Boon, W. M.; Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
Mixed and multipoint finite element methods for rotation-based poroelasticity

65/2022 - Dassi, F.; Fumagalli, A.; Mazzieri, I.; Vacca, G.
Mixed Virtual Element approximation of linear acoustic wave equation

53/2022 - Antonietti, P.F; Cauzzi, C.; Mazzieri, I.; Melas L.; Stupazzini, M.
Numerical simulation of the Athens 1999 earthquake including simplified models of the Acropolis and the Parthenon: initial results and outlook

44/2022 - Peli, R.; Dovera, L.; Fighera, G.; Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.
Forecasting Oil Production Rates in Primary Depletion using the Physics-based Residual Kriging functional approach

40/2022 - Fumagalli, A.; Patacchini, F. S.
Well-posedness and variational numerical scheme for an adaptive model in highly heterogeneous porous media

42/2022 - Gatti, F.; Fois, M.; de Falco, C.; Perotto, S.; Formaggia, L.
Parallel simulations for fast-moving landslides: space-time mesh adaptation and sharp tracking of the wetting front

41/2022 - Arnone, A.; Ferraccioli, F.; Pigolotti, C.; Sangalli, L.M.
A roughness penalty approach to estimate densities over two-dimensional manifolds

37/2022 - Boon, W. M.; Fumagalli, A.
A Reduced Basis Method for Darcy flow systems that ensures local mass conservation by using exact discrete complexes

31/2022 - Bortolotti, T; Peli, R.; Lanzano, G; Sgobba, S.; Menafoglio, A
Weighted functional data analysis for the calibration of ground motion models in Italy

90/2021 - Hernandez, V.M.; Paolucci, R.; Mazzieri, I.
3D numerical modeling of ground motion in the Valley of Mexico: a case study from the Mw3.2 earthquake of July 17, 2019

91/2021 - Arnone, E.; Sangalli, L.M.; Vicini, A.
Smoothing spatio-temporal data with complex missing data patterns

66/2021 - Antonietti, P.F.; Botti, M.; Mazzieri, I.
On mathematical and numerical modelling of multiphysics wave propagation with polygonal Discontinuous Galerkin methods

64/2021 - Clarotto, L; Allard, D.; Menafoglio, A.
A new class of alpha-transformations for the spatial analysis of Compositional Data

34/2021 - Bonaventura, L.; Gatti F.; Menafoglio A.; Rossi D.; Brambilla D.; Papini M.; Longoni L.
An efficient and robust soil erosion model at the basin scale

17/2021 - Chew, R.; Benacchio, T.; Hastermann, G.; Klein, R.
Balanced data assimilation with a blended numerical model

19/2021 - Gillard, M.; Benacchio, T.
FT-GCR: a fault-tolerant generalized conjugate residual elliptic solver

14/2021 - Peli, R.; Menafoglio, A.; Cervino, M.; Dovera, L.; Secchi, P;
Physics-based Residual Kriging for dynamically evolving functional random fields

10/2021 - Di Michele, F.; May, J.; Pera, D.; Kastelic, V.; Carafa, M.; Smerzini, C.; Mazzieri, I.; Rubino, B.; Antonietti, P.F.; Quarteroni, A.; Aloisio, R.; Marcati, P.
Spectral elements numerical simulation of the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake on a detailed reconstructed domain

05/2021 - Antonietti, P.F.; Mazzieri, I.; Migliorini, F.
A discontinuous Galerkin time integration scheme for second order differential equations with applications to seismic wave propagation problems

82/2020 - Vismara, F; Benacchio, T.; Bonaventura, L.
A seamless, extended DG approach for hyperbolic-parabolic problems on unbounded domains

75/2020 - F. Dassi; A. Fumagalli; D. Losapio; S. Scialò; A. Scotti; G. Vacca
The mixed virtual element method for grids with curved interfaces

74/2020 - Formaggia, L; Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
A multi-layer reactive transport model for fractured porous media

67/2020 - Caramenti, L.; Menafoglio, A.; Sgobba, S.; Lanzano, G.
Multi-Source Geographically Weighted Regression for Regionalized Ground-Motion Models

66/2020 - Didkovsky, O.; Ivanov, V.; Papini, M.; Longoni, L.; Menafoglio, A.
A comparison between machine learning and functional geostatistics approaches for data-driven analyses of solid transport in a pre-Alpine stream

56/2020 - Botti, L.; Botti, M.; Di Pietro, D. A.;
A Hybrid High-Order method for multiple-network poroelasticity

50/2020 - Bonaventura,L.; Gomez Marmol, M.
The TR-BDF2 method for second order problems in structural mechanics

49/2020 - Bonaventura,L.; Garres Diaz,J.
Flexible and efficient discretizations of multilayer models with variable density

45/2020 - Gatti, F.; Menafoglio, A.; Togni, N.; Bonaventura, L.; Brambilla, D.; Papini, M; Longoni, L.
A novel dowscaling procedure for compositional data in the Aitchison geometry with application to soil texture data

34/2020 - Antonietti, P.F.; Botti, M.; Mazzieri, I.; Nati Poltri, S.
A high-order discontinuous Galerkin method for the poro-elasto-acoustic problem on polygonal and polyhedral grids

37/2020 - Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
A mathematical model for thermal single-phase flow and reactive transport in fractured porous media

31/2020 - Bernardi, M.S.; Africa, P.C.; de Falco, C.; Formaggia, L.; Menafoglio, A.; Vantini, S.
On the Use of Interfeometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Monitoring and Forecasting Natural Hazards

32/2020 - Menafoglio, A.; Sgobba, S.; Lanzano, G.; Pacor, F.
Simulation of seismic ground motion fields via object-oriented spatial statistics: a case study in Northern Italy

24/2020 - Formaggia, L.; Scotti, A.; Fumagalli, A.
Numerical Methods for Flow in Fractured Porous Media

21/2020 - Benacchio, T.; Bonaventura, L.; Altenbernd, M.; Cantwell, C.D.; Düben, P.D.; Gillard, M.; Giraud, L.; Göddeke, D.; Raffin, E.; Teranishi, K.; Wedi, N.
Resilience and fault-tolerance in high-performance computing for numerical weather and climate prediction

17/2020 - Cerroni, D.; Formaggia, L.; Scotti, A.
A control problem approach to Coulomb's friction

18/2020 - Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.; Formaggia, L.
Performances of the mixed virtual element method on complex grids for underground flow

16/2020 - Paolucci, R.; Mazzieri, I.; Piunno, G.; Smerzini, C.; Vanini, M.; Ozcebe, A.G.
Earthquake ground motion modelling of induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field

08/2020 - Antonietti, P. F.; Facciolà, C.; Verani, M.
Polytopic Discontinuous Galerkin methods for the numerical modelling of flow in porous media with networks of intersecting fractures

11/2020 - Antonietti, P.F.; Facciola', C.; Houston, P.; Mazzieri, I.; Pennes, G.; Verani, M.
High-order discontinuous Galerkin methods on polyhedral grids for geophysical applications: seismic wave propagation and fractured reservoir simulations

07/2020 - Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
Reactive flow in fractured porous media

58/2019 - Antonietti, P.F; Manzini, G.; Mourad, H.M.; Verani, M.
The virtual element method for linear elastodynamics models. Design, analysis, and implementation

52/2019 - Cerroni, D.; Radu, A. R. ; Zunino, P.
Numerical solvers for a poromechanic problem with a moving boundary

53/2019 - Cerroni, D., Penati, M.; Porta, G.; Miglio, E.; Zunino, P.; Ruffo, P.
Multiscale modeling of glacial loading by a 3D Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical approach including erosion and isostasy

43/2019 - Antonietti, P.F.; Mazzieri, I.; Migliorini, F.
A space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for the elastic wave equation

37/2019 - Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.
O2S2: a new venue for computational geostatistics

34/2019 - Antonietti, P. F.; Mazzieri, I.; Melas, L.; Paolucci, R.; Quarteroni, A.; Smerzini, C.; Stupazzini, M.
Three-dimensional physics-based earthquake ground motion simulations for seismic risk assessment in densely populated urban areas

18/2019 - Delpopolo Carciopolo, L.; Cusini, M.; Formaggia, L.; Hajibeygi, H.
Algebraic dynamic multilevel method with local time-stepping (ADM-LTS) for sequentially coupled porous media flow simulation

17/2019 - Antonietti,P.F.; De Ponti, J.; Formaggia, L.; Scotti, A.
Preconditioning techniques for the numerical solution of flow in fractured porous media

14/2019 - Antonietti, P.F.; Facciolà, C; Verani, M.
Mixed-primal Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of flows in fractured porous media on polygonal and polyhedral grids

09/2019 - Antonietti, P.F.; Facciola', C.; Verani, M.
Unified analysis of Discontinuous Galerkin approximations of flows in fractured porous media on polygonal and polyhedral grids

11/2019 - Benacchio, T.; Klein, R.
A semi-implicit compressible model for atmospheric flows with seamless access to soundproof and hydrostatic dynamics

04/2019 - Delpopolo Carciopolo, L.; Formaggia, L.; Scotti, A.; Hajibeygi, H.
Conservative multirate multiscale simulation of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media

64/2018 - Menafoglio, A.; Pigoli, D.; Secchi, P.
Kriging Riemannian Data via Random Domain Decompositions

09/2017 - Antonietti, P.F.; Ferroni, A.; Mazzieri, I.; Paolucci, R.; Quarteroni, A.; Smerzini, C.; Stupazzini, M.
Numerical modeling of seismic waves by Discontinuous Spectral Element methods

52/2016 - Paolucci, R.; Evangelista, L.; Mazzieri, I.; Schiappapietra, E.
The 3D Numerical Simulation of Near-Source Ground Motion during the Marsica Earthquake, Central Italy, 100 years later

45/2016 - Bukac, M.; Yotov, I.; Zunino, P.

41/2016 - Giovanardi, B.; Scotti, A.; Formaggia, L.
A hybrid XFEM - Phase Field (Xfield) method for crack propagation in brittle materials

34/2016 - Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.
Statistical analysis of complex and spatially dependent data: a review of Object Oriented Spatial Statistics

33/2016 - Antonietti, P. F.; Ferroni, A.; Mazzieri, I.; Quarteroni, A.
hp-version discontinuous Galerkin approximations of the elastodynamics equation

28/2016 - Antonietti, P.F.; Dal Santo, N.; Mazzieri, I.; Quarteroni, A.
A high-order discontinuous Galerkin approximation to ordinary differential equations with applications to elastodynamics

22/2016 - Antonietti, P.F.; Facciola', C.; Russo, A.;Verani, M.
Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of flows in fractured porous media

18/2016 - Ferroni, A.; Antonietti, P.F.; Mazzieri, I.; Quarteroni, A.
Dispersion-dissipation analysis of 3D continuous and discontinuous spectral element methods for the elastodynamics equation

17/2016 - Penati, M.; Miglio, E.
A new mixed method for the Stokes equations based on stress-velocity-vorticity formulation

62/2015 - Signorini, M.; Zlotnik, S.; Díez, P.
Proper Generalized Decomposition solution of the parameterized Helmholtz problem: application to inverse geophysical problems.

55/2015 - Fumagalli, A.; Zonca, S.; Formaggia, L.
Advances in computation of local problems for a flow-based upscaling in fractured reservoirs

53/2015 - Menafoglio, A; Grujic, O.; Caers, J.
Universal kriging of functional data: trace-variography vs cross-variography? Application to forecasting in unconventional shales

33/2015 - Fumagalli, A; Pasquale, L; Zonca, S.; Micheletti, S.
An upscaling procedure for fractured reservoirs with non-matching grids

34/2015 - Bernardi, M.S.; Mazza, G.; Ramsay, J.O.; Sangalli, L.M.
A separable model for spatial functional data with application to the analysis of the production of waste in Venice province

23/2015 - Paolucci, R.; Mazzieri, I.; Smerzini, C.
Anatomy of strong ground motion: near-source records and 3D physics-based numerical simulations of the Mw 6.0 May 29 2012 Po Plain earthquake, Italy

22/2015 - Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.
Flux form Semi-Lagrangian methods for parabolic problems

20/2015 - Antonietti, P.F.; Formaggia, L.; Scotti, A.; Verani, M.; Verzotti, N.
Mimetic finite difference approximation of flows in fractured porous media

11/2015 - Antonietti, P. F.; Marcati, C.; Mazzieri, I.; Quarteroni, A.
High order discontinuous Galerkin methods on simplicial elements for the elastodynamics equation

43/2014 - Brugiapaglia, S.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.
Compressed solving: a numerical approximation technique for PDEs based on compressed sensing

41/2014 - Esfandiar, B.; Porta, G.; Perotto, S.; Guadagnini, A.
Impact of space-time mesh adaptation on solute transport modeling in porous media

40/2014 - Antonietti, P.F.; Mazzieri, I.; Quarteroni, A.
Improving seismic risk protection through mathematical modeling

32/2014 - Agosti, A.; Formaggia, L.;Scotti, A.
Analysis of a model for precipitation and dissolution coupled with a Darcy flux

30/2014 - Ferroni, A.; Formaggia, L.; Fumagalli, A.;
Numerical analysis of Darcy problem on surfaces

28/2014 - Antonietti, P; Panfili, P.; Scotti, A.; Turconi, L. ; Verani, M.; Cominelli,A.; Formaggia,L.
Optimal techniques to simulate flow in fractured reservoirs

21/2014 - Artina, M.; Fornasier, M.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S
The benefits of anisotropic mesh adaptation for brittle fractures under plane-strain conditions

20/2014 - Artina, M.; Fornasier, M.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.
Anisotropic mesh adaptation for crack detection in brittle materials

15/2014 - Esfandiar, B.; Porta, G.; Perotto, S.; Guadagnini, A;
Anisotropic mesh and time step adaptivity for solute transport modeling in porous media

14/2014 - Dassi, F.; Formaggia, L.; Zonca, S.
Degenerate Tetrahedra Recovering

58/2013 - Artina, M.; Fornasier, M.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.
Anisotropic adaptive meshes for brittle fractures: parameter sensitivity

56/2013 - Antonietti, P.F.; Ayuso de Dios, B.; Mazzieri, I.; Quarteroni, A.
Stability analysis for Discontinuous Galerkin approximations of the elastodynamics problem

35/2013 - Cattaneo, L.; Formaggia, L.; Iori G. F.; Scotti, A,; Zunino, P.
Stabilized extended finite elements for the approximation of saddle point problems with unfitted interfaces

33/2013 - Menafoglio, A; Guadagnini, A; Secchi, P
A Kriging Approach based on Aitchison Geometry for the Characterization of Particle-Size Curves in Heterogeneous Aquifers

31/2013 - Dassi, F.; Ettinger, B.; Perotto, S.; Sangalli, L.M.
A mesh simplification strategy for a spatial regression analysis over the cortical surface of the brain

53/2012 - Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
An efficient XFEM approximation of Darcy flows in fractured porous media

50/2012 - Carcano, S.; Bonaventura, L.; Neri, A.; Esposti Ongaro, T.
A second order accurate numerical model for multiphase underexpanded volcanic jets

46/2012 - Dassi, F.; Perotto, S.; Formaggia, L.; Ruffo, P.
Efficient geometric reconstruction of complex geological structures

44/2012 - Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
A numerical method for two-phase flow in fractured porous media with non-matching grids

34/2012 - Menafoglio, A.; Dalla Rosa, M.; Secchi, P.
A Universal Kriging predictor for spatially dependent functional data of a Hilbert Space

32/2012 - Formaggia, L.; Fumagalli, A.; Scotti A.; Ruffo, P
A reduced model for Darcy s problem in networks of fractures

14/2012 - Fumagalli, A.;Scotti, A.
An unfitted method for two-phase flow in fractured porous media.

13/2012 - Formaggia, L.; Guadagnini, A.; Imperiali, I.; Lever, V.; Porta, G.; Riva, M.; Scotti, A.; Tamellini, L.
Global Sensitivity Analysis through Polynomial Chaos Expansion of a basin-scale geochemical compaction model

03/2012 - Fumagalli, A.; Scotti, A.
A reduced model for flow and transport in fractured porous media with non-matching grids

44/2011 - Fumagalli,A.; Scotti,A.
Numerical modelling of multiphase subsurface flow in the presence of fractures

12/2011 - Miglio E.; Cuffaro M.
Tectonic evolution at mid-ocean ridges: geodynamics and numerical modeling

40/2010 - D'Angelo, C.; Scotti, A.
A Mixed Finite Element Method for Darcy Flow in Fractured Porous Media with non-matching Grids

05/2010 - Longoni, Matteo; Malossi, A.C.I.; Quarteroni, Alfio; Villa, Andrea
A complete model for non-Newtonian sedimentary basins in presence of faults and compaction phenomena

26/2009 - Longoni, Matteo; Malossi, A.C.I.; Villa, Andrea
A robust and efficient conservative technique for simulating three-dimensional sedimentary basins dynamics

17/2009 - Longoni, Matteo; Magistroni, Corrado; Ruffo, Paolo; Scrofani, Giovanni
3D Inverse and Direct Structural modeling Workflow

13/2009 - Miglio, Edie; Villa, Andrea
A mathematical derivation of compaction and basin models

11/2009 - Formaggia, Luca; Villa, Andrea
Implicit tracking for multi-fluid simulations

02/2009 - Bonaventura, Luca; Biotto, Cristian; Decoene, Astrid; Mari, Lorenzo; Miglio, Edie
A couple ecological-hydrodynamic model for the spatial distribution of sessile aquatic species in thermally forced basins

21/2007 - Massimi, Paolo; Quarteroni, Alfio; Saleri, Fausto; Scrofani, Giovanni
Modeling of Salt Tectonics

MOX 96 - Massimi, Paolo; Quarteroni, Alfio; Saleri, Fausto; Scrofani, Giovanni
Modeling of Salt Tectonics

MOX 49 - Massimi, Paolo; Quarteroni, Alfio; Scrofani, Giovanni
An adaptive finite element method for modeling salt diapirism