Mathematics meets sports: Don Bosco Village School’s students visit DMAT

How do rugby players choose the best spot to kick a conversion? Can technical clothing enhance performance in sports? How do racing boats reach speeds of a hundred kilometers an hour? And what do mathematical models have to do with all of this?

These and other questions were answered by the students of class IV of Liceo scientifico sportivo Don Bosco Village School, who participated in a meeting organized by the FDS (Formazione Didattica e Sperimentazione) laboratory and the MOX (Modeling and Scientific Computing) laboratory as part of the PLS (Piano Lauree Scientifiche) project.

On April 5, 2024, the students first attended a seminar by Professor Nicola Parolini on the topic “Mathematical modeling in sports”. They then actively engaged in “MATEC – Mathematics for Scenarios”, discovering that mathematics can make a difference even when aiming to win a rugby match.