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Seismic Inversion

The discovery of oil and gas fields is the main goal of seismic exploration. Actually, most of today’s industrial activities still rely on hydrocarbons. However, oil exploration is an expensive, high-risk operation, and the oil companies want to be sure that it is worth drilling a new oil well. Thus, […]


Sedimentary basins are among the best places to find petroleum and natural gas and to store nuclear waste material. The history of the basin has a deep impact on the characteristic of the oil generated: the evolution and the temperature of the sediments determine localization, quantity and quality of the […]

Flow in porous media

Subsurface flows are strongly influenced by the presence of fractures. While small and micro-fractures can be easily accounted for by means of upscaling techniques, large fractures and faults play a more complex role, acting as paths or barriers for the flow. These effects are very relevant for many applications such […]


Plate tectonics is a theory that describes the evolution of Earth’s lithosphere. The lithosphere is broken up in a set of regions called plates moving on the fluid-like asthenosphere; due to this motions earthquakes, volcanic activity and orogeny occur along plates boundaries. The relative motions of plates determine the type […]

Geomechanics modelling

We are investigating geomechanical problems in the presence of fractures and faults. We suppose that the physical model consists of two parts: the solid component representing the crust porous material, and the fluid component that represents water and, eventually, oil and/or gas. The solid model is then augmented taking into […]