The epiMOX dashboard published on Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering

An open-access journal paper entitled “A mathematical dashboard for the analysis of Italian COVID-19 epidemic data” by  Nicola Parolini, Giovanni Ardenghi, Luca Dede’ and Alfio Quarteroni has been published in Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering.

The paper proposes an analysis of the COVID-19 epidemic on the basis of the epiMOX dashboard (publicly accessible at that deals with data of the epidemic trends and outbreaks in Italy from late February 2020. Our analysis provides an immediate appreciation of the past epidemic development, together with its current trends by fostering a deeper interpretation of available data through several critical epidemic indicators. In addition, we complement the epiMOX dashboard with a predictive tool based on an epidemiological compartmental model, named SUIHTER, for the forecast on the near future epidemic evolution.