Health Analytics

Health analytics is the process of analyzing healthcare data to make predictions on clinical endpoints, improve medical research, and better manage the offer as well as the quality of care.

The field covers a broad range of disciplines, from biostatistics and epidemiology to statistics, computer science, health economics, and offers insights on both the macro and micro level of the healthcare process.
It can reveal paths to improvement in patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and business management.

When combined with statistical modelling, machine learning and data visualization tools, health analytics helps clinicians and people in charge with healthcare government to operate better by providing real-time information that can support decisions and deliver actionable insights.


Data characterizing the field of Health Analytics are strongly diversified and complex:


For this reason, Methods needed for addressing the variety of research questions arising from data and clinical partners are broad and deriving from the cutting edge research activities in this field:


In particular, the research in the HA group is focused on:

Among others, 5 core partnerships/projects collect the main research efforts from of the group: