Publications @SC4I

46/2024 - Riccobelli, D.; Ciarletta, P.; Vitale, G.; Maurini, C.; Truskinovsky, L.
Elastic Instability behind Brittle Fracture

31/2024 - Gambarini, M.; Agate, G.; Ciaramella, G.; Miglio, E.; Maran, S.
Modeling and optimization for arrays of water turbine OWC devices

02/2024 - Parolini, N.; Poiatti, A.; Vene', J.; Verani, M.
Structure-preserving neural networks in data-driven rheological models

69/2023 - Ferro, N.; Micheletti, S.; Parolini, N.; Perotto, S.; Verani, M.; Antonietti, P. F.
Level set-fitted polytopal meshes with application to structural topology optimization

66/2023 - Fresca, S.; Gobat, G.; Fedeli, P.; Frangi, A.; Manzoni, A.
Deep learning-based reduced order models for the real-time simulation of the nonlinear dynamics of microstructures

60/2023 - Negrini G.; Parolini N.; Verani M.
The Rhie-Chow stabilized Box Method for the Stokes problem

45/2023 - Gironi, P.; Petraro, L.; Santoni, S.; Dede', L.; Colosimo, B.M.
A Computational Model of Cell Viability and Proliferation of Extrusion-based 3D Bioprinted Constructs During Tissue Maturation Process

39/2023 - Riccobelli, D.; Al-Terke, H. H.; Laaksonen, P.; Metrangolo, P.; Paananen, A.; Ras, R. H. A.; Ciarletta, P.; Vella, D.
Flattened and wrinkled encapsulated droplets: Shape-morphing induced by gravity and evaporation

32/2023 - Gambarini, M.; Ciaramella, G.; Miglio, E.; Vanzan, T.
Robust optimization of control parameters for WEC arrays using stochastic methods

26/2023 - Artoni, A.; Antonietti, P.F.; Corradi, R.; Mazzieri, I.; Parolini, N.; Rocchi, D.; Schito P.; Semeraro, F.F.;
AeroSPEED: a high order acoustic solver for aeroacoustic applications

22/2023 - Su, Y.; Riccobelli, D.; Chen, Y; Chen, W; Ciarletta, P
Tunable morphing of electroactive dielectric-elastomer balloons

06/2023 - Artoni, A.; Antonietti, P. F.; Mazzieri, I.; Parolini, N.; Rocchi, D.
A segregated finite volume - spectral element method for aeroacoustic problems

71/2022 - Calabrò, D.; Lupo Pasini, M.; Ferro, N.; Perotto, S.
A deep learning approach for detection and localization of leaf anomalies

60/2022 - Cortellessa, D.; Ferro, N.; Perotto, S.; Micheletti, S.
Enhancing level set-based topology optimization with anisotropic graded meshes

39/2022 - Ferro, N.; Perotto, S.; Gavazzoni, M.
A new fluid-based strategy for the connection of non-matching lattice materials

13/2022 - Grasselli, M.; Parolini, N.; Poiatti, A.; Verani, M.
Non-isothermal non-Newtonian fluids: the stationary case

10/2022 - Fresca, S.; Manzoni, A.
Real-time simulation of parameter-dependent fluid flows through deep learning-based reduced order models

08/2022 - Gobat, G.; Opreni, A.; Fresca, S.; Manzoni, A.; Frangi, A.
Reduced order modeling of nonlinear microstructures through Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

07/2022 - Sinigaglia, C.; Quadrelli, D.E.; Manzoni, A.; Braghin, F.
Fast active thermal cloaking through PDE-constrained optimization and reduced-order modeling

01/2022 - Gavazzoni, M.; Ferro, N.; Perotto, S.; Foletti, S.
Multi-physics inverse homogenization for the design of innovative cellular materials: application to thermo-mechanical problems

74/2021 - Orlando,G.; Barbante, P. F.; Bonaventura, L.
An efficient IMEX-DG solver for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations with a general equation of state

63/2021 - Rosafalco, L.; Torzoni, M.; Manzoni, A.; Mariani, S.; Corigliano, A.
Online structural health monitoring by model order reduction and deep learning algorithms

60/2021 - Rosafalco, L.; Manzoni, A.; Mariani, S.; Corigliano, A.
Fully convolutional networks for structural health monitoring through multivariate time series classification

47/2021 - Orlando, G; Della Rocca, A; Barbante, P. F.; Bonaventura, L.; Parolini, N.
An efficient and accurate implicit DG solver for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

44/2021 - Gentili, G.G.; Khosronejad, M.; Bernasconi, G.; Perotto, S.; Micheletti, S.
Efficient Modeling of Multimode Guided Acoustic Wave Propagation in Deformed Pipelines by Hierarchical Model Reduction

40/2021 - Martinolli, M.; Cornat, F.; Vergara, C.
Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Study of a new Wave Membrane Blood Pump

36/2021 - Parolini, N.; Dede', L; Antonietti, P. F.; Ardenghi, G.; Manzoni, A.; Miglio, E.; Pugliese, A.; Verani, M.; Quarteroni, A.
SUIHTER: A new mathematical model for COVID-19. Application to the analysis of the second epidemic outbreak in Italy

28/2021 - Ferro, N.; Perotto, S.; Bianchi, D.; Ferrante, R.; Mannisi, M.
Design of cellular materials for multiscale topology optimization: application to patient-specific orthopedic devices

12/2021 - di Cristofaro, D.; Galimberti, C.; Bianchi, D.; Ferrante, R.; Ferro, N.; Mannisi, M.; Perotto, S
Adaptive topology optimization for innovative 3D printed metamaterials

06/2021 - Negrini, G.; Parolini, N.; Verani, M.
A diffuse interface box method for elliptic problems

49/2020 - Bonaventura,L.; Garres Diaz,J.
Flexible and efficient discretizations of multilayer models with variable density

50/2020 - Bonaventura,L.; Gomez Marmol, M.
The TR-BDF2 method for second order problems in structural mechanics

39/2020 - Martinolli, M.; Biasetti, J.; Zonca, S.; Polverelli, L.; Vergara, C.
Extended Finite Element Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction in Wave Membrane Blood Pumps

10/2020 - Bonaventura, L.; Carlini, E.; Calzola, E.; Ferretti, R.
Second order fully semi-Lagrangian discretizations of advection--diffusion--reaction systems

03/2020 - Ferro, N.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.
Compliance-stress constrained mass minimization for topology optimization on anisotropic meshes

54/2019 - Simona, A.; Bonaventura, L; de Falco, C.; Schoeps, S.
IsoGeometric Approximations for Electromagnetic Problems in Axisymmetric Domains

51/2019 - Parolini, N.; Riccobene, C.; Schenone, E.
Reduced models for liquid food packaging systems

41/2019 - Abbà, A.; Bonaventura, L.; Recanati, A.; Tugnoli, M.;
Dynamical p-adaptivity for LES of compressible flows in a high order DG framework

11/2019 - Benacchio, T.; Klein, R.
A semi-implicit compressible model for atmospheric flows with seamless access to soundproof and hydrostatic dynamics

02/2019 - Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.; Soli, L.
Topology optimization driven by anisotropic mesh adaptation: towards a free-form design

57/2018 - Ferro, N.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.
POD-assisted strategies for structural topology optimization

66/2017 - Tamellini, M.; Parolini, N.; Verani, M.
An optimal control problem of two-phase compressible-incompressible flows

64/2017 - Fumagalli, I.; Parolini, N.; Verani, M.
Optimal control in ink-jet printing via instantaneous control

65/2017 - Regazzoni, F.;Parolini, N.;Verani M.
Topology optimization of multiple anisotropic materials, with application to self-assembling diblock copolymers

38/2017 - Bonaventura, L.; Fernandez Nieto, E.; Garres Diaz, J.; Narbona Reina, G.;
Multilayer shallow water models with locally variable number of layers and semi-implicit time discretization

33/2017 - Fumagalli, I.
A free-boundary problem with moving contact points

27/2017 - Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.; Rocchi L.;
A fully semi-Lagrangian discretization for the 2D Navier--Stokes equations in the vorticity--streamfunction formulation

20/2017 - Albrecht G.; Caliò F.; Miglio E.
Fair surface reconstruction through rational triangular cubic Bézier patches

14/2017 - Bruggi, M.; Parolini, N.; Regazzoni, F.; Verani, M.
Finite Element approximation of an evolutionary Topology Optimization problem

15/2017 - Tagliabue, A; Dede', L.; Quarteroni A.
Complex blood flow patterns in an idealized left ventricle: a numerical study

04/2017 - Dede', L; Garcke, H.; Lam K.F.
A Hele-Shaw-Cahn-Hilliard model for incompressible two-phase flows with different densities

03/2017 - Fumagalli, I.; Parolini, N.; Verani, M.
On a free-surface problem with moving contact line: from variational principles to stable numerical approximations

57/2016 - Bassi, C.; Abbà, A.; Bonaventura, L.; Valdettaro, L.
Large Eddy Simulation of gravity currents with a high order DG method

40/2016 - Miglio, E.; Parolini, N.; Penati, M.; Porcù R.
High-order variational time integrators for particle dynamics

37/2016 - Tugnoli, M; Abbà, A. ; Bonaventura, L.; Restelli, M.
A locally p-adaptive approach for Large Eddy Simulation of compressible flows in a DG framework

29/2016 - Miglio, E.; Parolini, N.; Penati, M.; Porcù, R.
GPU parallelization of brownout simulations with a non-interacting particles dynamic model

17/2016 - Penati, M.; Miglio, E.
A new mixed method for the Stokes equations based on stress-velocity-vorticity formulation

63/2015 - Lancellotti, R.M.; Vergara, C.; Valdettaro, L.; Bose, S.; Quarteroni, A.
Large Eddy Simulations for blood fluid-dynamics in real stenotic carotids

61/2015 - Tagliabue, A.; Dedè, L.; Quarteroni, A.
Fluid dynamics of an idealized left ventricle: the extended Nitsche’s method for the treatment of heart valves as mixed time varying boundary conditions

24/2015 - Bonaventura, L:
Local Exponential Methods: a domain decomposition approach to exponential time integration of PDE.

22/2015 - Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.
Flux form Semi-Lagrangian methods for parabolic problems

50/2014 - Bartezzaghi, A.; Cremonesi, M.; Parolini, N.; Perego, U.
An explicit dynamics GPU structural solver for thin shell finite elements

37/2014 - Giuliani, N.; Mola, A.; Heltai, L.; Formaggia,L.
FEM SUPG stabilisation of mixed isoparametric BEMs: application to linearised free surface flows

36/2014 - Abbà,A.;Bonaventura,L.; Nini, M.;Restelli,M.;
Anisotropic dynamic models for Large Eddy Simulation of compressible flows with a high order DG method

31/2014 - Corno, J.; de Falco, C.; De Gersem, H.; Schöps, S.
Isogeometric Simulation of Lorentz Detuning in Superconducting Accelerator Cavities

27/2014 - Vergara, C; Domanin, M; Guerciotti, B; Lancellotti, R.M.; Azzimonti, L; Forzenigo, L; Pozzoli, M.
Computational comparison of fluid-dynamics in carotids before and after endarterectomy

19/2014 - Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.
Semi-Lagrangian methods for parabolic problems in divergence form

18/2014 - Tumolo, G.; Bonaventura, L.
An accurate and efficient numerical framework for adaptive numerical weather prediction

12/2014 - Fumagalli, I; Parolini, N.; Verani, M.
Shape optimization for Stokes flow: a reference domain approach

36/2013 - Ferran Garcia, Luca Bonaventura, Marta Net, Juan Sanchez
Exponential versus IMEX high-order time integrators for thermal convection in rotating spherical shells

30/2013 - Cagnoni, D.; Agostini, F.; Christen, T.; de Falco, C.; Parolini, N.; Stefanovic, I.
Multiphysics simulation of corona discharge induced ionic wind

27/2013 - Tagliabue, A.; Dede', L.; Quarteroni, A.
Isogeometric Analysis and Error Estimates for High Order Partial Differential Equations in Fluid Dynamics

50/2012 - Carcano, S.; Bonaventura, L.; Neri, A.; Esposti Ongaro, T.
A second order accurate numerical model for multiphase underexpanded volcanic jets

40/2012 - Lombardi, M.; Parolini, N.; Quarteroni, A.
Radial basis functions for inter-grid interpolation and mesh motion in FSI problems

37/2012 - Nobile, F.; Pozzoli, M.; Vergara, C.
Exact and inexact partitioned algorithms for fluid-structure interaction problems with finite elasticity in haemodynamics

23/2012 - Fabio Nobile, Christian Vergara
Partitioned algorithms for fluid-structure interaction problems in haemodynamics

18/2012 - Formaggia, L.; Vergara, C.
Prescription of general defective boundary conditions in fluid-dynamics

04/2012 - Tumolo, G.; Bonaventura, L.; Restelli, M.
A semi-implicit, semi-Lagrangian, p-adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin method for the shallow water equations

34/2011 - Benacchio, T.; Bonaventura, L.
A spectral collocation method for the one dimensional shallow water equations on semi-infinite domains

30/2011 - Nobile, F.; Pozzoli, M.; Vergara, C.
Time accurate partitioned algorithms for the solution of fluid-structure interaction problems in haemodynamics

13/2011 - Lombardi, M.; Parolini, N.; Quarteroni, A.; Rozza, G.
Numerical simulation of sailing boats: dynamics, FSI, and shape optimization

03/2011 - Garegnani, G.; Rosatti, G.; Bonaventura, L.
Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Fully Coupled Mobile Bed Free Surface Flows

34/2010 - Abba', A.; Bonaventura, L.
A mimetic finite difference method for Large Eddy Simulation of incompressible flow

24/2010 - Tamellini, Lorenzo; Formaggia, Luca; Miglio, Edie; Scotti, Anna
An Uzawa iterative scheme for the simulation of floating boats

23/2009 - Gerardo Giorda, Luca; Nobile, Fabio; Vergara, Christian
Analysis and optimization of Robin-Robin partitioned procedures in Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

19/2009 - Formaggia, Luca; Mola, Andrea; Parolini, Nicola; Pischiutta, Matteo
A three-dimensional model for the dynamics and hydrodynamics of rowing boats

06/2009 - Formaggia, Luca; Veneziani, Alessandro; Vergara, Christian
Numerical solution of flow rate boundary problems for an incompressible fluid in deformable domains

02/2009 - Bonaventura, Luca; Biotto, Cristian; Decoene, Astrid; Mari, Lorenzo; Miglio, Edie
A couple ecological-hydrodynamic model for the spatial distribution of sessile aquatic species in thermally forced basins

25/2008 - Detomi, Davide; Parolini, Nicola; Quarteroni, Alfio
Mathematics in the wind

23/2008 - Hysing, Shu-Ren; Turek, Stefan; Kuzmin, Dmitri; Parolini, Nicola; Burman, Erik; Ganesan, Sashikumaar; Tobiska, Lutz
Quantitative benchmark computations of two-dimensional bubble dynamics

19/2008 - Badia, Santiago; Nobile, Fabio; Vergara, Christian
Robin-Robin preconditioned Krylov methods for fluid-structure interaction problems

16/2008 - Formaggia, Luca; Miglio, Edie; Mola, Andrea; Scotti, Anna
Numerical simulation of the dynamics of boats by a variational inequality approach

7/2008 - Vergara, Christian; Ponzini, Raffaele; Veneziani, Alessandro; Redaelli, Alberto; Neglia, Danilo; Parodi, Oberdan
Reliable CFD-based Estimation of Flow Rate in Hemodynamics Measures. Part II: Sensitivity Analysis and First Clinical Application

3/2008 - Zunino, Paolo; D'Angelo, Carlo; Petrini, Lorenza; Vergara, Christian; Capelli, Claudio; Migliavacca, Francesco
Numerical simulation of drug eluting coronary stents: mechanics, fluid dynamics and drug release

17/2007 - Decoene, Astrid; Bonaventura, Luca; Miglio, Edie; Saleri, Fausto
Asymptotic Derivation of the Section-Averaged Shallow Water Equations for River Hydraulics.

12/2007 - Deponti, Alberto; Bonaventura, Luca; Rosatti; Giorgio, Garegnani, Giulia
An Accurate and Efficient Semi-Implicit Method for Section Averaged Free Surface Flow Modelling

11/2007 - Badia, Santiago; Nobile, Fabio; Vergara, Christian
Fluid-structure partitioned procedures based on Robin transmission conditions

10/2007 - Parolini, Nicola; Quarteroni, Alfio
Modelling and Numerical Simulation for Yacht Engineering

08/2007 - Formaggia, Luca; Miglio, Edie; Mola, Andrea; Parolini, Nicola
Fluid-structure interaction problems in free surface flows: application to boat dynamics

06/2007 - Deponti, Alberto; Bonaventura, Luca; Fraccarollo, Luigi; Miglio, Edie; Rosatti, Giorgio
Analysis of Hyperbolic Systems for Mobile--Bed, Free--Surface Flow Modelling in Arbitrary Cross Sections

01/2007 - Nobile, Fabio; Vergara, Christian
An effective fluid-structure interaction formulation for vascular dynamics by generalized Robin conditions

MOX 89 - Formaggia, Luca; Veneziani, Alessandro; Vergara, Christian
A new approach to numerical solution of defective boundary problems in incompressible fluid dynamics

MOX 83 - Abba', A.; Bonaventura, L.
A vorticity preserving finite difference discretization for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

MOX 80 - Ponzini, R.; Vergara, Christian; Redaelli, A.; Veneziani, Alessandro
Reliable CFD-based estimation of flow rate in haemodynamics measures

MOX 75 - Baudisch, J.; Bonaventura, Luca; Iske, A.; Miglio, Edie
Matrix valued Radial Basis Functions for local vector field reconstruction: applications to computational fluid dynamic models

MOX 70 - Veneziani, Alessandro; Vergara, Christian
An approximate method for solving incompressible Navier-Stokes problem with flow rate conditions

MOX 60 - Di Pietro, Daniele A., Lo Forte, Stefania; Parolini, Nicola
Mass Preserving Finite Element Implementations of Level Set Methods

MOX 51 - Leupi, Celestin; Miglio, Edie; Altinakar, A.; Quarteroni, Alfio; Deville, M.O.
Quasi-3D Finite Element Shallow-Water Flow with $k- epsilon$ Turbolence Model

MOXP3 - Formaggia, Luca; Miglio, Edie; Del Grosso, Luca; Montano, Antonio; Pandini, Stefano
Modello Dinamico di una Imbarcazione da Canottaggio

MOX 40 - de Falco, Carlo; Gatti, Emilio; Lacaita, Andrea L.; Sacco, Riccardo
Quantum-Corrected Drift-Diffusion Models for Transport in Semiconductor Devices

MOX 39 - Parolini, Nicola; Quarteroni, Alfio
Mathematical Models and Numerical Simulation for the America s Cup

MOX 36 - Miglio, Edie; Perotto, Simona; Saleri, Fausto
Strategies of model coupling: application to free surface flow problems

MOX 33 - Abba', A.; Saleri, F.; D'Angelo, C.
A 3D Shape Optimization Problem in Heat Transfer: Analysis and Approximation via BEM

MOX 22 - Formaggia, Luca; Nobile, Fabio
Stability analysis of second ordr time accurate schemes for ALE-FEM

MOX 17 - Abba', A.; Cercignani, C.; Valdettaro, L.
Modelli e simulazione LES di correnti turbolente e applicazione alla combustione

MOX 13 - Deparis, Simone; Fernandez, Miguel A.; Formaggia, Luca
Acceleration of a fixed point algorithm for fluid-structure interaction using transpiration conditions

MOX 9 - Quarteroni, Alfio; Sala, Marzio; Sawley, M.L.; Parolini, Nicola; Cowles, G.
Mathematical Modelling and Visualisation of Complex Three-dimensional Flows

MOX1 - Quarteroni, Alfio; Formaggia, Luca
Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the Cardiovascular System