C&F paper on optimal control of ink-jet printing


A new paper by Ivan Fumagalli, Nicola Parolini and Marco Verani on the optimal control of ink-jet printing process has been published on Computers&Fluids.

The article can be downloaded at the following link


Title: Optimal control in ink-jet printing via instantaneous control

Authors: Ivan Fumagalli, Nicola Parolini, Marco Verani

Abstract: This paper concerns the optimal control of a free surface flow with moving contact line, inspired by an application in ink-jet printing. Surface tension, contact angle and wall friction are taken into account by means of the generalized Navier boundary condition. The time-dependent differential system is discretized by an arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian finite element method, and a control problem is addressed by an instantaneous control approach, based on the time discretization of the flow equations. The resulting control procedure is computationally highly efficient and its assessment by numerical tests show its effectiveness in deadening the natural oscillations that occur inside the nozzle and reducing significantly the duration of the transient preceding the attainment of the equilibrium configuration.