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MOX featured on the ECMI website

From August 16 to 30, 2021 the MOX Laboratory will be the featured node on the website of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI). ECMI is a consortium of academic institutions and industrial companies that promote and support the use of mathematical modelling, simulation, and optimization in any […]

JCP paper on free-surface problems with moving contact line

A new article on free-surface problems with moving contact line by Ivan Fumagalli, Nicola Parolini and Marco Verani has appeared on Journal of Computational Physics. The article can be downloaded at the following link Title: On a free-surface problem with moving contact line: From variational principles to stable numerical approximations Authors: […]

MOX report on the convergence of OpenFOAM discretisations of the Laplace operator on non-orthogonal meshes

A new MOX report proving the convergence of cell centered finite volume discretisations used in the OpenFOAM software for the Laplace operator also on non-orthogonal meshes as been published by Alessandro Della Rocca and Luca Bonaventura.  The report can be downloaded from