Curve fairing using integral spline operators


MOX 73
Curve fairing using integral spline operators
Tuesday 13th December 2005
Caliò, Franca Miglio, Edie Moroni, G. Rasella, M.
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In this paper a local automatic planar curve fairing algorithm based parametric B-spline class is presented. In particular we employ a particular class of spline characterized by a shape parameterer lambda: for this family of spline it has been shown (see [9]) that the value of the parameter affects the shape of the whole spline curve. We have exploited this last property locally in order to move a subset of the control points defining the given curve. In our approach the value of lambda is chosen in order to minimize a functional related to the fairness of the curve and in particular we have considered a functional involving the second derivative of the curvature. The numerical test cases we have performed showed the effectiveness of algorithm both in academic and real-world situations.