roahd Package: Robust Analysis of High Dimensional Data


Statistical learning
Health Analytics
roahd Package: Robust Analysis of High Dimensional Data
Monday 30th December 2019
Ieva, F; Paganoni, A.M.; Romo, J.; Tarabelloni, N.
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The focus of this paper is on the open-source R package roahd (RObust Analysis of High dimensional Data), see Tarabelloni et al. (2017). roahd has been developed to gather recently proposed statistical methods that deal with the robust inferential analysis of univariate and multivariate functional data. In particular, efficient methods for outlier detection and related graphical tools, methods to represent and simulate functional data, as well as inferential tools for testing differences and dependency among families of curves will be discussed, and the associated functions of the package will be described in details.
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