Reduced models for liquid food packaging systems


SC4I/Digitization, Innovation, and Competitiveness of the Production System
Reduced models for liquid food packaging systems
Tuesday 10th December 2019
Parolini, N.; Riccobene, C.; Schenone, E.
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Simulation tools are nowadays key elements for effective production, design and maintenance processes in various industrial applications. Thanks to the advances that have been achieved in the past three decades, accurate and efficient solvers for computational fluid dynamics and computational mechanics are routinely adopted for the design of many products and systems. However, the most accurate models accounting for the complete three-dimensional complex physics (of even multi-physics) are not always the best option to pursue, in particular in the preliminary design phase or whenever very fast evaluations are required. In this paper, we present a set of reduced numerical models that have been developed in the past few years to support the design of paperboard packaging systems.
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