Multi space reduced basis preconditioners for parametrized Stokes equations


Multi space reduced basis preconditioners for parametrized Stokes equations
Tuesday 30th October 2018
Dal Santo, N.; Deparis, S.; Manzoni, A.; Quarteroni, A.
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We introduce a two-level preconditioner for the efficient solution of large scale saddle-point linear systems arising from the finite element (FE) discretization of parametrized Stokes equations. This preconditioner extends the Multi Space Reduced Basis (MSRB) preconditioning method proposed in [Dal Santo et al., 2018]; it combines an approximated block (fine grid) preconditioner with a reduced basis (RB) solver which plays the role of coarse component. A sequence of RB spaces, constructed either with an enriched velocity formulation or a Petrov-Galerkin projection, is built. Each RB coarse component is defined to perform a single iteration of the iterative method at hand. The flexible GMRES (FGMRES) algorithm is employed to solve the resulting preconditioned system and targets small tolerances with a very small iteration count and in a very short time. Numerical test cases for Stokes flows in three dimensional parameter-dependent geometries are considered to assess the numerical properties of the proposed technique in different large scale computational settings.
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