A free-boundary problem with moving contact points


SC4I/Digitization, Innovation, and Competitiveness of the Production System
A free-boundary problem with moving contact points
Monday 3rd July 2017
Fumagalli, I.
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This paper concerns the theoretical and numerical analysis of a free boundary problem for the Laplace equation, with a curvature condition on the free boundary. This boundary is described as the graph of a function, and contact angles are imposed at the moving contact points. The equations are set in the framework of classical Sobolev Banach spaces, and existence and uniqueness of the solution are proved via a fixed-point iteration, exploiting a suitably defined lifting operator from the free boundary. The free-boundary function and the bulk solution are approximated by piecewise linear finite elements, and the well-posedness and convergence of the discrete problem are proved. This proof hinges upon a stability result for the Riesz projection onto the discrete space, which is separately proven and has an interest per se.