HIGAMod: A Hierarchical IsoGeometric Approach for MODel reduction in curved pipes


Advanced Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing
HIGAMod: A Hierarchical IsoGeometric Approach for MODel reduction in curved pipes
Thursday 12th November 2015
Perotto, S.; Reali, A.; Rusconi, P.; Veneziani, A.
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In computational hemodynamics we typically need to solve incompressible fluids in domains given by curved pipes or network of pipes. To reduce the computational costs, or conversely to improve models based on a pure 1D (axial) modeling, an approach called ``Hierarchical Model reduction'' (HiMod) was recently proposed. It consists of a diverse numerical approximation of the axial and of the transverse components of the dynamics. The latter are properly approximated by spectral methods with a few degrees of freedom, while classical finite elements were used for the main dynamics to easily fit any morphology. However affine elements for curved geometries are generally inaccurate. In this paper we conduct a preliminary exploration of IsoGeometric Analysis (IGA) applied to the axial discretization. With this approach, the centerline is approximated by Non Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS). The same functions are used to represent the axial component of the solution. In this way we obtain an accurate representation of the centerline as well as an accurate representation of the solution with few axial degrees of freedom. This paper provides preliminary promising results of the combination of HiMod with IGA - referred to as HIGAMod approach - to be applied in any field involving computational fluid dynamics in generic pipe-like domains.