Statistics of Time Warpings and Phase Variations


Statistical learning
Statistics of Time Warpings and Phase Variations
Tuesday 8th October 2013
Marron, J.S.; Ramsay, J.O.; Sangalli, L.M.; Srivastava, A.
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Many methods exist for one dimensional curve registration, and how methods compare has not been made clear in the literature. This special section is a summary of a detailed comparison of a number of major methods, done during a recent workshop. The basis of the comparison was simultaneous analysis of a set of four real data sets, which engendered a high level of informative discussion. Most research groups in this area were represented, and many insights were gained, which are discussed here. The format of this special section is four papers introducing the data, each accompanied by a number of analyses by di erent groups, plus a discussion summary of the lessons learned.
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J.S. Marron, James O. Ramsay, Laura M. Sangalli, Anuj Srivastava (2014), Statistics of Time Warpings and Phase Variations, Electronic Journal of Statistics, Special Section on "Statistics of Time Warpings and Phase Variations", Vol. 8, No. 2, 1697-1702.