Hierarchical model (Hi-Mod) reduction in non-rectilinear domains


Advanced Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing
Hierarchical model (Hi-Mod) reduction in non-rectilinear domains
Thursday 6th December 2012
Perotto, S.
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For the numerical solution of second-order elliptic problems featuring dynamics with a dominant direction (e.g., drug dynamics in the circulatory system), we proposed a Hierarchical Model (HiMod) reduction procedure. We actually perform a finite element discretization along the mainstream direction and a spectral modal approximation for the transverse dynamics. The number of modes can locally vary along the centerline to properly fit the relevant transverse dynamics. In previous works we have considered the cases of rectilinear domains. Here we address the more general case of curved domains, where the direction of the dominant component of the solution is non-rectilinear.
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