Third Generation Solar Cells: Modeling and Simulation

Cogliati, M.M.; Porro, M.
Third Generation Solar Cells: Modeling and Simulation
Monday 3rd January 2011
Sacco, R.
Advisor II:
De Falco. C.
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The aim of this Master thesis work is the development and the implementation of computational models for third-generation solar cells. The thesis is organized in six chapters whose content is shortly described below. Chapter 1 contains a brief presentation of the renewable energy market with special emphasis on solar energy conversion, and an introduction to the two main families of third generation cells, namely, Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) and Organic Solar Cells (OSCs). In Chapter 2 the physical phenomena driving the operation of DSSCs are presented in detail and two mathematical models are proposed for them. Chapter 3 is devoted to introduce the basic physical principles of OSCs. Two models are proposed for different types of morphologies along with several parameter models. Chapter 4 describes the mathematical and numerical methods used to linearize, discretize and solve the equations of the models. In Chapter 5 the numerical results of the simulations are described for both DSSCs and OSCs, considering different operating conditions and parameter values. Finally in Chapter 6 some conclusions and perspectives for future activities are presented.