Spatial Spline Regression Models


Statistical learning
Spatial Spline Regression Models
Sunday 29th January 2012
Sangalli, L.M.; Ramsay, J.O.; Ramsay, T.O.
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We describe a model for the analysis of data distributed over irregularly shaped spatial domains with complex boundaries, strong concavities and interior holes. Adopting an approach typical of functional data analysis, we propose a Spatial Spline Regression model that is computationally efficient, allows for spatially distributed covariate information and can impose various conditions over the boundaries of the domain. Accurate surface estimation is achieved by the use of finite elements, which provide a basis for piecewise polynomial surfaces.
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Laura M. Sangalli, James O. Ramsay, Timothy O. Ramsay (2013), Spatial spline regression models, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Ser. B, Statistical Methodology, 75, 4, 681–703.