Adaptive geometrical multiscale modeling for hydrodynamic problems


Adaptive geometrical multiscale modeling for hydrodynamic problems
Monday 30th January 2012
Mauri, L.; Perotto, S.; Veneziani, A.
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Hydrodynamic problems often feature geometrical configurations that allow a suitable dimensional model reduction. One-dimensional models may be sometimes accurate enough for describing a dynamic of interest. In other cases, localized relevant phenomena require more precise models. To improve the computational efficiency, geometrical multiscale models have been proposed, where reduced (1D) and complete (2D-3D) models are coupled in a unique numerical solver. In this paper we consider an adaptive geometrical multiscale modeling: the regions of the computational domain requiring more or less accurate models are automatically and dynamically selected via a heuristic criterion. To the best of our knowledge, this is a first example of automatic geometrical multiscale model reduction.
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