Adaptive Fourier-Galerkin Methods


Adaptive Fourier-Galerkin Methods
Tuesday 20th December 2011
Canuto, C.; Nochetto, R. H.; Verani, M.
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We study the performance of adaptive Fourier-Galerkin methods in a periodic box in $ mathbb{R}^d$ with dimension $d ge 1$. These methods offer unlimited approximation power only restricted by solution and data regularity. They are of intrinsic interest but are also a first step towards understanding adaptivity for the $hp$-FEM. We examine two nonlinear approximation classes, one classical corresponding to algebraic decay of Fourier coefficients and another associated with exponential decay. We study the sparsity classes of the residual and show that they are the same as the solution for the algebraic class but not for the exponential one. This possible sparsity degradation for the exponential class can be compensated with coarsening, which we discuss in detail. We present several adaptive Fourier algorithms, and prove their contraction and optimal cardinality properties.