Theoretical study and numerical simulation of textiles


Theoretical study and numerical simulation of textiles
Friday 6th November 2009
Antonietti, Paola F.; Biscari, Paolo; Tavakoli, Alaleh; Verani, Marco; Vianello, Maurizio
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We propose a new approach for developing continuum models fit to describe the mechanical behavior of textiles. We develop a physically mo- tivated model, based on the properties of the yarns, which can predict and simulate the textile behavior. The approach relies on the selection of a suitable topological model for the patch of the textile, coupled with constitutive models for the yarn behavior. The textile structural con guration is related to the deformation through an energy functional, which depends on both the macroscopic deformation and the distribution of internal nodes. We determine the equilibrium positions of these latter, constrained to an assigned macroscopic deformation. As a result, we derive a macroscopic strain energy function, which reflects the possibly nonlinear character of the yarns as well as the anisotropy induced by the microscopic topological pattern. By means of both analytical estimates and numerical experiments, we show that our model is well suited for both academic test cases and real industrial textiles, with particular emphasis on the tricot textile.