A Finite Element Framework for Option Pricing with the Bates Model


A Finite Element Framework for Option Pricing with the Bates Model
Thursday 15th January 2009
Miglio, Edie; Sgarra, Carlo;
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In the present paper we present a finite element approach for option pricing in the framework of a well-known stochastic volatility model with jumps, the Bates model. In this model the asset log-returns are assumed to follow a jump-diffusion model where the jump component consists of a Lévy process of compound Poisson type, while the volatility behavior is described by a stochastic differential equation of CIR type, with a meanreverting drift term and a diffusion component correlated with that of the log-returns. Like in all the Lévy models, the option pricing problem can be formulated in terms of an integro-differential equation: for the Bates model the unknown F(S, V, t) (the option price) of the pricing equation depends on three independent variables and the differential operator part turns out to be of parabolic kind, while the nonlocal integral operator is calculated with respect to the Lévy measure of the jumps. In this paper we will present a variational formulation of the problem suitable for a finite element approach. The numerical results obtained for european options will be compared with those obtained with different methods.