Domain decomposition techniques for microelectronic modeling


Domain decomposition techniques for microelectronic modeling
Sunday 18th February 2007
Alì, G.; Culpo, M.; Micheletti, S.
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This paper is meant to be the continuation of the previous work [1] where a coupled ODE/PDE method for the simulation of semiconductor devices was introduced. From a strictly mathematical viewpoint, analytical results on coupled PDE/ODE systems (as arising in integrated circuit simulation) can be found in [2]. In particular, in the present paper, we numerically investigate an algorithm of Domain Decomposition type for the simulation of circuits containing distributed devices (x 1) as well as semiconductors in which some part is modeled with lumped parameters (x 2). It is worth noticing the original employment of the Domain Decomposition technique within the con_nes of a heterogeneous PDE/ODE coupling, versus its typical use in a homogeneous full-PDE context. The results presented here have been studied in the seminal work [3], while a more thorough analysis is ongoing [4].