Unmapped tent pitching schemes by waveform relaxation


Unmapped tent pitching schemes by waveform relaxation
Monday 28th November 2022
Ciaramella, G.; Gander, M.; Mazzieri, I.
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We propose a new unmapped tent pitching (UTP) algorithm that avoids the mapping in the classical mapped tent pitching (MTP) algorithm using Schwarz waveform relaxation (SWR) techniques. To derive the UTP, we prove first an equivalence relation between MTP and the red-black version of SWR. This result suggests using SWR and redundant computations in space-time cylinders to avoid the mapping process of MTP. The new UTP computes approximations that are equivalent to the MTP ones, but its computational cost is lower, since it does not have to compute the tent mappings, and the volume of the redundant computations is also present in the tents after the mapping to space-time cylinders.
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