A preconditioner for free-surface hydrodynamics BEM


Advanced Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing
Geosciences/Protection of Land and Water Resources
A preconditioner for free-surface hydrodynamics BEM
Monday 28th November 2022
Ciaramella, G.; Gambarini, M.; Miglio, E.
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A preconditioner for the boundary element method applied to linear hydrodynamics is proposed. In particular, the problem of computing wave loads on large arrays of floating objects using a source-distribution BEM is considered. The preconditioner is based on block-Jacobi iterations combined with a coarse correction. Each vector of the coarse space is constant on the surface of one of the bodies, and zero on the others. An algorithm for the efficient construction of the coarse space using hierarchical matrices is presented. The method is implemented by integration with the hierarchical matrices interface of an existing BEM code. In combination with GMRES, scalability in terms of number of iterations is achieved and demonstrated by extensive numerical experiments.
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