A stable loosely-coupled scheme for cardiac electro-fluid-structure interaction


Computational Medicine for the Cardiocirculatory System
A stable loosely-coupled scheme for cardiac electro-fluid-structure interaction
Friday 4th November 2022
Bucelli, M.; Gabriel, M. G.; Gigante, G.; Quarteroni, A.; Vergara, C.
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We present a loosely coupled scheme for the numerical simulation of the cardiac electro-fluid-structure interaction problem, whose solution is typically computationally intensive due to the need to suitably treat the coupling of the different submodels. Our scheme relies on a segregated treatment of the subproblems, in particular on an explicit Robin-Neumann algorithm for the fluid-structure interaction, aiming at reducing the computational burden of numerical simulations. The results, both in an ideal and a realistic cardiac setting, show that the proposed scheme is stable at the regimes typical of cardiac simulations. From a comparison with a scheme with implicit fluid-structure interaction, it emerges that, while conservation properties are not fully preserved, computational times significantly benefit from the explicit scheme. Overall, the explicit discretization represents a good trade-off between accuracy and cost, and is a valuable alternative to implicit schemes for fast large-scale simulations.