Reliable CFD-based estimation of flow rate in haemodynamics measures


Computational Medicine for the Cardiocirculatory System
SC4I/Digitization, Innovation, and Competitiveness of the Production System
MOX 80
Reliable CFD-based estimation of flow rate in haemodynamics measures
Tuesday 31st January 2006
Ponzini, R.; Vergara, Christian; Redaelli, A.; Veneziani, Alessandro
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Physical useful measures in current clinical practice refer often to the blood ow rate, that is related to the mean velocity. However, the direct measure of the latter is currently not possible using a Doppler velocimetry technique. Therefore, the usual approach to calculate the ow rate with this technique consists in measuring the maximum velocity and in estimating the mean velocity, making the hypothesis of parabolic profile, that in realistic situations brings to strongly inaccurate estimates. In this paper, we propose a different way for estimating the ow rate regarded as a function of maximum velocity and Womersley number. This relation is obtained by fixing a parametrized representation and by evaluating the parameters by means of a least square approach working on the numerical results of CFD simulations (about 200). Numerical simulations are carried out by prescribing the ow rate, not the velocity profile. In this way, no bias are implicitly induced in prescribing boundary conditions. Validation tests based on numerical simulations show that the proposed relation improves the flow rate estimation.