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Code: 38/2021
Title: Simulation of viscoelastic Cosserat rods based on the geometrically exact dynamics of special Euclidean strands
Date: Friday 11th June 2021
Author(s) : Giusteri, G. G.; Miglio, E.; Parolini, N.; Penati, M.; Zambetti, R.
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Abstract: We propose a method for the description and simulation of the nonlinear dynamics of slender structures modeled as Cosserat rods. It is based on interpreting the strains and the generalized velocities of the cross sections as basic variables and elements of the special Euclidean algebra. This perspective emerges naturally from the evolution equations for strands, that are one-dimensional submanifolds, of the special Euclidean group. The discretization of the corresponding equations for the three-dimensional motion of a Cosserat rod is performed, in space, by using a staggered grid. The time evolution is then approximated with a semi-implicit method. Within this approach we can easily include dissipative effects due to both the action of external forces and the presence of internal mechanical dissipation. The comparison with results obtained with different schemes shows the effectiveness of the proposed method, which is able to provide very good predictions of nonlinear dynamical effects and shows competitive computation times also as an energy-minimizing method to treat static problems.