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Code: 41/2019
Title: Dynamical p-adaptivity for LES of compressible flows in a high order DG framework
Date: Saturday 9th November 2019
Author(s) : Abbà, A.; Bonaventura, L.; Recanati, A.; Tugnoli, M.;
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Abstract: We investigate the possibility of reducing the computational burden of LES models by employing locally and dynamically adaptive polynomial degrees in the framework of a high order DG method. A degree adaptation technique especially featured to be effective for LES applications, that was previously developed by the authors and tested in the statically adaptive case, is applied here in a dynamically adaptive fashion. Two significant benchmarks are considered, comparing the results of adaptive and non adaptive simulations. The proposed dynamically adaptive approach allows for a significant reduction of the computational cost of representative LES computation, while allowing to maintain the level of accuracy guaranteed by LES carried out with constant, maximum polynomial degree values.