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Author: Koshakji, Anwar
Title: Free Form Deformation Techniques for 3D Shape Optimization Problems
Date: Thursday 31st March 2011
Advisor: Quarteroni, A.
Advisor II: Rozza, G.
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Abstract: The purpose of this work is to analyse and study an efficient parametrization technique for a 3D shape optimization problem. After a brief review of the techniques and approaches already available in literature, we choose to use the Free Form Deformation parametrization, a recent technique which proved to be efficient and at the same time versatile, allowing to manage complex shapes even with few parameters. We tested and studied the technique by developing a link among different specialized softwares, in order to establish a path, from the geometry definition, to the method implementation, and finally to the simulation and to the optimization of the problem. In particular, we have studied a bulb and a rudder of a race sailing boat as model problems.