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Code: 47/2017
Title: Hemodynamics in a left atrium based on a Variational Multiscale-LES numerical model
Date: Tuesday 29th August 2017
Author(s) : Menghini, F.; Dede, L.; Forti, D.; Quarteroni, A.
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Abstract: Standard studies of the cardiovascular system are based on advanced experimental and imaging techniques, however, in the past few years, they are being complemented by computational fluid dynamics simulations of blood flows with increasing level of details. The vast majority of works dealing with the heart hemodynamics focus on the left ventricle, both in patient-specific and idealized geometries, while the fluid dynamics of the left atrium is much less investigated. In this work we propose a computational model of a left atrium suitable to provide physically meaningful fluid dynamics indications and other outputs as the velocity profile at the mitral valve. A Variational Multiscale model is used to obtain a stable formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations discretized by means of the Finite Element method and to account for turbulence modeling within the framework of Large Eddy Simulation (LES). We present and discuss numerical results regarding the fluid dynamics of the left atrium with the focus on possible transitions to turbulence. We also provide a comparison with the results obtained using a SUPG formulation.