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Code: 41/2016
Title: A hybrid XFEM - Phase Field (Xfield) method for crack propagation in brittle materials
Date: Monday 7th November 2016
Author(s) : Giovanardi, B.; Scotti, A.; Formaggia, L.
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Abstract: The present work proposes a novel method for the simulation of crack propagation in brittle elastic materials that combines two of the most popular approaches in literature. A large scale displacement solution is obtained with the well known extended finite elements method (XFEM), while propagation is governed by the solution of a local phase field problem at the tip scale. The method, which we will refer to as Xfield, is here introduced and tested in 2D under mixed modes I and II loads. The main features and the capability of the Xfield to efficiently simulate crack propagation are shown in some numerical tests.