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Author: Palamara, Simone
Title: Numerical approximation of the electrical activity in the left ventricle with the inclusion of the Purkinje fibers
Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2015
Advisor: Vergara, C.
Advisor II: Quarteroni, A.
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Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is the numerical modelization of the electrical activity in the left ventricle with the inclusion of Purkinje fibers. The principal goals of this work are 1) The study of different strategies for solving the coupled problem given by the interaction between the Purkinje fibers and the ventricular myocardium, arising at the endpoints of the fibers, the Purkinje-Muscle junctions (PMJ). The electrophysiology models considered are the monodomain and eikonal equations. 2) A preliminary result on the inclusion of the Purkinje fibers in the electro-mechanical problem. This is, at the best of author's knowledge, the first attempt to include the Purkinje fibers in the electromechanical simulations. 3) An original methodology for the generation of a patient-specific Purkinje network, driven by available clinical measures of the activation times acquired on the endocardium of the left ventricle. We present several numerical results, both in an ideal geometry with synthetic data and in real geometries with clinical measures of healthy and pathological propagations. 4) The application of our methodology to the cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), with an optimization study to identify the best timings and locations of the stimuli produced by the CRT-device. The numerical simulations have been performed both in ideal geometries and in a real geometry with a patient-specific Purkinje network.