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Author: De Falco Carlo
Title: Quantum corrected drift-diffusion models and numerical simulation of nanoscale semiconductor devices
Date: Thursday 1st December 2005
Advisor: Riccardo Sacco
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Abstract: The object of the present PhD thesis is to investigate the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of the electrical behavior of nanoscale semiconductor devices in two and three spatial dimensions. The problem is strongly motivated by the urgency of providing an efficient tool conforming to the strict timetomarket requirements of contemporary electronic device industry. To achieve this goal, it is therefore necessary to devise a simple, yet accurate, physical description of all the relevant mechanisms that govern electron charge transport in modern devices, and, at the same time, to develop stable and efficient numerical procedures which allow to compute quantitatively accurate estimates of the main electronic design parameters in a reasonable amount of time. Driven by the above considerations, the emphasis of this work has been focusing on the study of QuantumCorrected DriftDiffusion (QCDD) models. QCDD models are presented within a unified framework that allows for a fairly straighforward extension of all the abstract and numerical techniques that are commonly employed in the treatment of the semiclassical DriftDiffusion equations.