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Code: 31/2014
Title: Isogeometric Simulation of Lorentz Detuning in Superconducting Accelerator Cavities
Date: Sunday 3rd August 2014
Author(s) : Corno, J.; De Falco, C.; De Gersem, H.; Schöps, S.
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Abstract: Cavities in linear accelerators suffer from eigenfrequency shifts due to mechanical de- formation caused by the electromagnetic radiation pressure, a phenomenon known as Lorentz detuning. Estimating the frequency shift up to the needed accuracy by means of standard Finite Element Methods, is a very complex task due to the poor representation of the geometry and to the necessity for mesh refinement due to the typical use of low order basis functions. In this paper, we use Isogeometric Analysis for discretising both mechanical deformations and electromagnetic fields in a coupled multiphysics simulation approach. The combined high-order approximation of both leads to high accuracies at a substantially lower computational cost.