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Code: 27/2014
Title: Computational comparison of fluid-dynamics in carotids before and after endarterectomy
Date: Saturday 12th July 2014
Author(s) : Vergara, C; Domanin, M; Guerciotti, B; Lancellotti, R.m.; Azzimonti, L; Forzenigo, L; Pozzoli, M.
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Abstract: In this work we provide a computational comparison between the fluid-dynamics before and after carotid endarterectomy (CEA) to assess to influence of this surgical operation on some hemodynamic indices related to the plaque rupture. We perform the numerical simulations in real geometries of the same patients before and after CEA, and with patient-specific boundary data obtained by Echo-color Doppler measurements. The results show a reduction at the systole of the maximum wall shear stress by at least 83%, of the peak velocity by at least 56%, of the vorticity at the internal carotid by at least 57%, and of the pressure gradient across the plaque by at least 83%. Finally, we performed a comparison among measures acquired in internal points and related computed values, highlighting a satisfactory agreement (in any case less than 10%).