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Code: 24/2013
Title: SPEED-SPectral Elements in Elastodynamics with Discontinuous Galerkin: a non-conforming approach for 3D multi-scale problems
Date: Wednesday 29th May 2013
Author(s) : Mazzieri, I.; Stupazzini, M.; Guidotti, R.; Smerzini, C.
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Abstract: This work presents a new high performance open-source numerical code, namely SPEED (SPectral Elements in Elastodynamics with Discontinuous Galerkin), to approach seismic wave propagation analysis in visco-elastic heterogeneous three-dimensional media on both local and regional scale. Based on non-conforming high-order techniques, like the Discontinuous Galerkin spectral approximation, along with efficient and scalable algorithms, the code allows one to deal with a non-uniform polynomial degree distribution as well as a locally varying mesh size. Validation benchmarks are illustrated to check the accuracy, stability and performance features of the parallel kernel, while illustrative examples are discussed to highlight the engineering applications of the method. The proposed method turns out to be particularly useful for a variety of earthquake engineering problems, such as modeling of dynamic soil structure and site-city interaction effects, where accounting for multi-scale wave propagation phenomena as well as sharp discontinuities in mechanical properties of the media is crucial.

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