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Author: Mariotti, Roberto
Title: Metodi statistici per la misura della disponibilità operativa di un sistema
Date: Wednesday 23rd December 2009
Advisor: Secchi, P.
Advisor II: Favati, L.
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Abstract: Availability is the probability of an item to be operable and committable when used in xed operating conditions; it is a widely used parameter to estimate the quality of a system. This work comes from a theme proposed by Altran Italy, about a posteriori evaluation of the operating availability for complex systems using statistical models, in order to conrm or not a priori analytical results. Then, we introduce an innovative approach to the model, based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM). In Chapter 1 we present the problem from an engineeristic point of view; Chapter 2 provides a presentation of dierent statistical models presented in literature and a comparison between them; in Chapter 3 we introduce HMM and apply them to this problem; in Chapter 4 we compare the models of Chapter 2 with HMM; Chapter 5 provides a conclusion.