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Code: MOX 26
Title: Pressure-correction algebraic splitting methods for the incompressible navier-stokes equations
Date: Monday 29th September 2003
Author(s) : Saleri, Fausto; Veneziani, Alessandro
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Abstract: In this paper we present a new family of methods for the effective numerical solution of the incompressible unsteady Navier-Stokes equations. These methods resort to an algebraic splitting of the discretized problem based on inexact LU block-factorizations of the corresponding matrix (following [21]). In particular, we will start from inexact algebraic factorizations of algebraic Chorin-Temam and Yosida type and introduce a pressure correction step aiming at improving the time accuracy. one of the schemes obtained in this way (the Algebraic Chorin-Temam Pressure Correction Method) resembles a method previously introduced in the framework of differential projection schemes (see [24], [19]). The stability and the dependence of splitting error on the time step of the new methods is investigated and tested on several numerical cases.