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Code: 07/2009
Title: An efficient generalization of the Rush-Larsen method for solving electro-physiology membrane equations
Date: Monday 16th February 2009
Author(s) : Perego, Mauro; Veneziani, Alessandro
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Abstract: In this paper we address a second-order class of methods for solving ordinary differential systems coming from some problems in electro-physiology. The set of methods generalizes to the second order a previous proposal by Rush and Larsen (1978). We prove that the methods are second-order convergent and are in general more stable than the corresponding multistep methods. Moreover, they feature better positivity properties. We present their time-adaptive formulation, which is well suited for our electrophysiology problems. In particular, numerical results are presented on the Monodomain model coupled to Luo-Rudy I ionic models for the propagation of the cardiac potential.