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Code: 24/2008
Title: Corrosion detection in a 2D domain with a polygonal boundary
Date: Wednesday 19th November 2008
Author(s) : Bacchelli, Valeria; Veneziani, Alessandro; Vessella, Sergio
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Abstract: We consider the problem of quantitative non-destructive evaluation of corrosion in a 2D domain representing a thin metallic plate. Corro- sion damage is assumed to occur in an inaccessible part of the domain. Reconstruction of the damaged profile is possible by measuring an electro- static current properly induced by a potential in an accessible part of the boundary (electrical impedance tomography). We present here numerical methods and results based on a formulation of the problem introduced and analyzed in Bacchelli-Vessella, Inverse Problems, 22 (2006), where the corroded profile is represented by a polygonal boundary. We resort in particular to the Landweber method and the Brakhage semi-iterative scheme. Numerical results show the reliability of this approach in general situations, including nongraph corroded boundaries