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Code: MOX 13
Title: Acceleration of a fixed point algorithm for fluid-structure interaction using transpiration conditions
Date: Monday 3rd February 2003
Author(s) : Deparis, Simone; Fernandez, Miguel A.; Formaggia, Luca
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Abstract: In this work, we address the numerical solution of fluid-structure interaction problems. This issue is particularly difficulty to face when the fluid and the solid densities are of the same order, for instance as it happens in hemodynamic applications, since fully implicit coupling schemes are required to ensure stability of the resulting method. Thus, at each time step, we have to solve a highly non-linear coupled system, since the fluid domain depends on the unknown displacement of the structure. Standar strategies for solving this non-linear problems, are fixed point based methods such as Block-Gauss-Seidel (BGS) iteractions. Unfortunately, these methods are very CPU time consuming and usually show slow convergence. We propose a modified fixed-point algorithm which combines the standard BGS iteraction with transpiration formulation. Numerical experiments show the great improvement in computing time with respect to the standard BGS method.