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Author: Villa, Umberto Emanuele
Title: Analisi ad elementi finiti del sistema pastiglia disco e modellazione multicorpo di un motoveicolo in fase di frenata
Date: Thursday 20th December 2007
Advisor: Veneziani, A.
Advisor II: Trainelli, L.
Co-advisor: Vigliani, A.
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Abstract: The present work of my thesis was born out of the project recently taken from Brembo S.p.s., the Italian firm leader in the sector of breaking systems. The purpose of the thesis is to contribuite to create a hierarchical model that is able, in Brembo's plans, to simulate the behavior of the motor vehicle and its breaking pad system at different levels of detail (and computational cost). Finite Element Analysis and Multibody Modeling are coupled through multi-scale techniques for the passage of information, in which the coarse model provides the boundary conditions as realistically close as possible to the thin model. In particular, the multibody model of the motorcycle, realized with the commercial software MSC Adams, describes the motorcycle as a system of rigid bodies, kinematic constraints, damped springs. The finite element codes, in the end, simulate in a detailed way the mechanic behavior of the break pad system. One faces complex numerical mathematical problems like variational inequalities and constrained optimization.