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Code: MOX 86
Title: Derivation and analysis of a fluid-dynamical model in thin and long elastic vessels
Date: Monday 10th July 2006
Author(s) : Amadori, Debora; Ferrari, Stefania; Formaggia, Luca
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Abstract: Starting from the three-dimensional Newtonian and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in a compliant straight vessel, we derive a reduced one-dimensional model by an averaging procedure which takes into consideration the elastic properties of the wall structure. In particular, we neglect terms of the first order with respect to the ratio between the vessel radius and length. Furthermore, we consider that the viscous effects are negligible with respect to the propagative phenomena. The result is a one-dimensional nonlinear hyperbolic system of two equations in one space dimension, which describes the mean longitudinal velocity of flow and the radial wall displacement. The modelling technique here applied to straight cylindrical vessels may be generalized to account for curvature and torsion. An analysis of well posedness is presented which demonstrates, under reasonable hypothesis, the global in time existence of regular solutions.