Alessandra Menafoglio

Ricercatore (Assistant Professor)

Phone:+39 02 2399 4642
Fax: +39 02 2399
Office: Ed. 14 - Nave - VI floor

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Peli, R.; Menafoglio, A.; Cervino, M.; Dovera, L.; Secchi, P;
Physics-based Residual Kriging for dynamically evolving functional random fields

Hron, K.; Machalova, J.; Menafoglio, A.
Bivariate densities in Bayes spaces: orthogonal decomposition and spline representation

Centofanti, F.; Lepore, A.; Menafoglio, A.; Palumbo, B.; Vantini, S.
Functional Regression Control Chart

Galvani, M.; Torti, A.; Menafoglio, A.; Vantini S.
FunCC: a new bi-clustering algorithm for functional data with misalignment

Caramenti, L.; Menafoglio, A.; Sgobba, S.; Lanzano, G.
Multi-Source Geographically Weighted Regression for Regionalized Ground-Motion Models

Didkovsky, O.; Ivanov, V.; Papini, M.; Longoni, L.; Menafoglio, A.
A comparison between machine learning and functional geostatistics approaches for data-driven analyses of solid transport in a pre-Alpine stream

Gatti, F.; Menafoglio, A.; Togni, N.; Bonaventura, L.; Brambilla, D.; Papini, M; Longoni, L.
A novel dowscaling procedure for compositional data in the Aitchison geometry with application to soil texture data

Menafoglio, A.; Sgobba, S.; Lanzano, G.; Pacor, F.
Simulation of seismic ground motion fields via object-oriented spatial statistics: a case study in Northern Italy

Bernardi, M.s.; Africa, P.c.; De Falco, C.; Formaggia, L.; Menafoglio, A.; Vantini, S.
On the Use of Interfeometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Monitoring and Forecasting Natural Hazards

Didkovskyi, O.; Azzone, G.; Menafoglio A.; Secchi P.
Social and material vulnerability in the face of seismic hazard: an analysis of the Italian case

Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.
O2S2: a new venue for computational geostatistics

Capezza, C.; Lepore, A.; Menafoglio, A.; Palumbo, B.; Vantini, S.
Control charts for monitoring ship operating conditions and CO2 emissions based on scalar-on-function regression

Menafoglio, A.; Pigoli, D.; Secchi, P.
Kriging Riemannian Data via Random Domain Decompositions

Menafoglio, A.; Gaetani, G.; Secchi, P.
Random Domain Decompositions for object-oriented Kriging over complex domains

Menafoglio, A.; Grasso, M.; Secchi, P.; Colosimo, B.m.
Profile Monitoring of Probability Density Functions via Simplicial Functional PCA with application to Image Data

Grujic, O.; Menafoglio, A.; Guang, Y.; Caers, J.
Cokriging for multivariate Hilbert space valued random fields. Application to multifidelity computer code emulation

Talska, R.; Menafoglio, A.; Machalova, J.; Hron, K.; Fiserova, E.
Compositional regression with functional response

Menafoglio, A.; Hron, K.; Filzmoser, P.
Logratio approach to distributional modeling

Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.
Statistical analysis of complex and spatially dependent data: a review of Object Oriented Spatial Statistics

Menafoglio, A.; Guadagnini, A.; Secchi, P.
Stochastic Simulation of Soil Particle-Size Curves in Heterogeneous Aquifer Systems through a Bayes space approach

Menafoglio, A; Grujic, O.; Caers, J.
Universal kriging of functional data: trace-variography vs cross-variography? Application to forecasting in unconventional shales

Grasso, M.; Menafoglio, A.; Colosimo, B.m.; Secchi, P.
Using Curve Registration Information for Profile Monitoring

Menafoglio, A.; Petris, G.
Kriging for Hilbert-space valued random fields: the Operatorial point of view

Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.; Guadagnini, A.
A Class-Kriging predictor for Functional Compositions with Application to Particle-Size Curves in Heterogeneous Aquifers

Hron, K.; Menafoglio, A.; Templ, M.; Hruzova K.; Filzmoser, P.
Simplicial principal component analysis for density functions in Bayes spaces

Pigoli, D.; Menafoglio, A.; Secchi, P.
Kriging prediction for manifold-valued random field

Menafoglio, A; Guadagnini, A; Secchi, P
A Kriging Approach based on Aitchison Geometry for the Characterization of Particle-Size Curves in Heterogeneous Aquifers

Menafoglio, A.; Dalla Rosa, M.; Secchi, P.
A Universal Kriging predictor for spatially dependent functional data of a Hilbert Space