New MOX Report on \”An optimally convergent Fictitious Domain method for interface problems”

A new MOX Report entitled “An optimally convergent Fictitious Domain method for interface problems” by Regazzoni, F. has appeared in the MOX Report Collection.

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Abstract: We introduce a novel Fictitious Domain (FD) unfitted method for interface problems that achieves optimal convergence without the need for adaptive mesh refinements nor enrichments of the Finite Element spaces. The key aspect of the proposed method is that it extends the solution into the fictitious domain in a way that ensures high global regularity. Continuity of the solution across the interface is enforced through a boundary Lagrange multiplier. The subdomains coupling, however, is not achieved by means of the duality pairing with the Lagrange multiplier, but through an $L^2$ product with the $H^1$ Riesz representative of the latter, thus avoiding gradient jumps across the interface. Thanks to the enhanced regularity, the proposed method attains an increase, with respect to standard FD methods, of up to one order of convergence in energy norm. The Finite Element formulation of the method is presented, followed by its analysis. Numerical test! s demonst rate its effectiveness.